Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 11 Power Rankings

#1 Strikes N Spares

Can this freight train be stopped? They have been pulverizing thier opposition week in week out except with a slight hiccup against the Sensation. It was  purely on their missing leadoff player Amaad Bhatti. Will this lead and confidence hurt Strikes N Spares in the playoffs as they have not been in any pressure situation? Will Jason"s guarantee come to fruition?  Time will tell but for now nobody wants to face this team as this train is hard to derail

#2 PinPals

Up until this past week results, this slot was  held by Asian Sensations. With  unbelievable performances by Chris & Dave  they have moved up the ladder. Can Ayaz"s team be the first to repeat as champs in the South Asian bowling league? Its quite possible as Chris and Dave"s handicap wont drop as much, but their level of play will improve every week which will be very hard to match.

#3 Asian Sensations

The Sensations blew away the PinSmackers this week and have stood toe to toe with the top teams in the league. The Sensations have shown they have tremendous depth with Jin, Justin, Amin and sprinkle in Yash THE SHARK. The question is will JR2K be here in the playoffs or be hitting the dorm party scene- I mean the books at school.

#4 Balls N Strikes

This expansion team looks nothing like it should. Balls n Strikes started off slow but with the rookie of the year candidate Wahid, they are capable of pulling an upset.. This team will go as Shumail aka the mailman goes. He has shown  he is capable of bowling a high game and leading this team to victory. The question is their leadoff bowlers Ali N. & Ali S. If they can find their game by playoff time, this team can make a big Cinderella run to the finals.  

#5 PinSmackers

This team should not be at # 5 with the depth of the roster that they have. They are currently 7.5 points out of the playoffs with only 4 weeks remaining. Ahbi has to improve Adams game with 4 weeks remaining.  Sony"s inconstant play this past week wont cut it as it looked like he didn't know how to bowl. Eugene has picked it up this past week with a 200 , 176 but then withered with a 145 in game 3. End result is they need Raheel to make the playoff roster and have Eugene and Sony be alittle more consistant which is viable. They have only 4 weeks left in the regular season to catch up or they will not make it to the big dance.

#6 Strike Kings

Was the first week of the season a mere mirage or have the Strike Kings hit a massive wall . As the season has progressed the league seems to have caught up and passed the Strike Kings.  Only 3 pts this week and averaging only 12-13 pts  every week with great quality bowlers in Don Ali and Eddie Money. Ammad S. has to step it up as he did early in the season and Nisar had a great week but ran into Chrisanity. The Strike Kings need Nisar & Ammad to step up as Mr Consistency Don Ali will do his thing. Even with all that said,  Eddie is the key to the Strike Kings success.

#7 Force

Force is currently holding the last playoff spot but still have trouble fielding a full squad. Even with the exception the league made in adding Abbas to their roster they are in trouble. Matt did not show up and  Force was bowling a man down last week which hurt this team. If this continues the 6th spot can easily go to the PinSmackers . Prince needs to let his team know that its all hands on deck , everybody needs and has to show up to make the playoffs.

#8 Snipers

I guess going to Atlanta was a big blow to this team as they not only watched the Giants get shut out but also let the season go by having Gage and Guerrier miss a crucial position week with force. After that moment the season went down the drain and it seems all but over for the Snipers. It will be a shame with the talent of Chocalte thunder Gage and The terminator  Guerrier not making the playoffs.

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