Friday, January 11, 2013

Strikes n Spares vs Snipers Recap

Strikes n Spares – 20
Snipers – 3
Game 1: SnS 6, Sniper 1.
Sniper had 2 guys to start game one, Gage and Guerrior. SnS switched up there line up for the first time this season with Mufthy going up as their lead off bowler and Naeem going up in the #2 spot . Both bowled above average games with a 214 by Mufthy followed up with a 149 by Naeem. They both took their points as they went up against blinds. Gage & Raza went head to head in the number 3 spot and both started of very slow. Raza bowled 4 strikes in a row to end with a 160 and easily took his match up point from Gage who struggled with a score of 136. The only point SnS lost this game was by Jason. J-WoW bowled a 207 but it wasn’t enough as Snipers anchor Guerrior beat him scratch with a 208.
 Game 2: SnS 6, Snipers 1.
Start of game 2, Snipers member Uday showed up and was put in the #2 spot. Mufthy took his point from the Spare monster Blind.  Naeem took his point even with Uday showing up, 136 to 114 scratch.  The 3 spot match up heated up as both Raza and Gage came out firing. Gage only had 2 open frames this game and bowled a 203.But Raza’s on a mission on winning the most match up points won and rose to the occasion and bowled a season high 234 with 5 strikes in a row to start the game.  Jason beat Guerrior scratch 202 to 198 but Guerrior had a 23 pin handicap which worked in his favor.
Game 3: SnS 8(2 total pins, 3 match up, 2 for the win) Sniper 1
Mufthy easily beat his blind match up. Naeem bowled his season high with a 163 and got himself another match up point against Uday. But once again Raza and Gage went at it as this went down to the wire. Gage bowled 2 strikes in the 10th to close with a 163 and Raza bowled a 165 with a Clutch Spare & Strike to send them to a Bowled off. Gage bowled a 9 and Raza Bowled a UGLY Strike to take all 3 match up points from Gage. Anchor position went down to the wire also as Jason got 3 out of 4 strikes to end the game with a 224 but once again it wasn’t enough. Guerrior bowled a 226 with his 23pt handicap. J-WoW lost all 3 of his points for the first time this season.
 Snipers have got to figure a way out to get a full squad to show up. With Guerrior in the MVP conversation and Gage at the 3 this team can seriously pull some weight just by 2 people showing up.  We’ll have to wait till next season for this since it looks like they’re going to miss the playoffs the way they’re going.  On the other end SnS is getting bored of the league with Raza having to beg their lead off bowler and anchor to show up. Let’s see who they choose come “choice week”, will they take the week off and completely play around with the standings or take this opportunity to prepare themselves for the playoffs? Only time will tell.

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