Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Strike Kings vs Pin Pals post game recap

Game I – Strike Kings 816 vs. Pin Pals 879
Game II – Strike Kings 801 vs. Pin Pals 852
Game III – Strike Kings 753 vs. Pin Pals 892

Strike Kings – 3 points
Pin Pals – 19 points

This matchup was a decisive win for the Pin Pals.  This one was all about Dave and Chris.  Dave cleaned house with an amazing 637 series while Chris scored an excellent 543 series.  What might have been if Asif showed up for the first game and Ayaz showed up in time for practice?  A clean sweep??  For the day however, Ayaz, like Don Ali and Eddie were nowhere to be found. 

In game I, the Strike Kings were actually winning until the 6th frame or so.  Chris then bowled 6 strikes in a row to close out an amazing 225, almost 100 pins above his average.  Meanwhile Dave gets 5 in a row and ends with a 208.  Asif, having arrived late, left Don Ali to face that never miss a spare blind guy who somehow hits 150 every game.  He takes the point as does Eddie against Ayaz who bowled 177 and 166 respectively.  Lost in the crushing strikes of Chris and Dave was the fact that Nisar bowled an all-time high of 208 leaving no open frames, six strikes, and four spares.  One of those spares was the 6-7-10 pin split – only made a couple times in the league since the first season.  Despite the effort, Nisar lost his point as did Ammad.  Strike Kings got the wind knocked out of them after starting off relatively fine. 

Asif  joined his team in game II and took a point from Don Ali – 180-175.  Chris took his point against Nisar (140-139) while Dave decided that he wasn’t done yet and bowls a 212, taking a point from Ammad who bowled a 179.  Normally 179 is a good enough showing but not on this day.  Eddie bowled a 195 and took his point from Ayaz who bowled a 174.   

The Pin Pals would outdo their first game in game III.  Chris bowled a 178, easily taking his point from Nisar while Asif bowls a 232, taking his point from Don Ali.  Dave (“here we go again”) shows everyone that game I and II were not flukes.  He bowls a 217 and easily takes his point from Ammad.  Ayaz takes his point from Eddie with a 172 vs. 124. 

One could be forgiven for thinking that this match would have been all about Don Ali and Eddie vs. Asif and Ayaz – not so going forward however.  This author noted earlier in the season that when Dave is in the strike zone, he is unstoppable.  As also noted by this author, you can never underestimate the 150-170 average bowler who can bowl a 200 on any given day – much less the one who can bowl a 600 series.  The competition that SA Bowl has become is impressive and Dave provided a great example.  Chris and Asif did a good job as well for the Pin Pals.  The Strike Kings need to all bowl well at the SAME time going forward if they want to keep up with the competition.  

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