Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 2 Previews

Asian Sensation vs Strike Kings

This match up could get ugly for the Sensations as they are facing another high octane caliber team in the Strike Kings with Eddie and Don Ali bowling over 200+ and Nisar holding the fort down and Raheel and his huge Handicap score this will be close to impossible for the Sensations, especially with Reis 2.0 missing. The sensations will need Jin and Amin to step up big time but we all know that Yash and Khaled are capable to keep thier team competitive.

The Strike Kings take 2 plus pin total

Snipers vs Balls 'n Strikes
This match up welcomes 2 new teams and it definitley showed last week , Balls 'n Strikes only advantage will be their handicap score but if newly acquired Shumail Haque plays then outcome could be close. As for the other new team Snipers and their capt Gage AKA Chocalate thunder showcased Guerrier with his 192 avg but they are lacking with Uday and Pat with both avg under 100 pins.

Gage and Guerrier will come through as the Snipers take 2 and total pins

SnS vs Force

This match up favors the Force for 1 reason only , Mr. MVP will not be playing this week and what a break for Force! At the same time Force has depth at thier rotation with Prince , Moe and his incredible hook , as well as Riz and a newbie to the league Mat. The only way the SnS has a chance if their first 2 bowlers can match Force First 2 bowlers. Omair has to come up huge again as he did last week against the Sensations.

SnS eeks out 1 victory as Force takes 2 and total pins, if Mr MVP was there this would be a clean sweep for SnS .

Pin Pals vs Pin Smackers

Pin Pals are looking to redeem themselves this week with a poor outcome last week by just accumulating a meekly 4 points so Ayaz and co. are looking to rebound but it will be a difficult task by going up against Pin Smackers who are led by Ahbi and his lethal tag team partner Eugene to go along with his patented discount double check pose. I can see Ayaz willing his team to a victory as well as David shaking off the rust from taking the summer season. The Pin Smackers will find out that this is no easy opponent as it was last week.

Pin Pals take 2 but Pin Smacker take 1 and total pins

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