Sunday, October 7, 2012

Player Power Rankings Continue! #8

#8 - Khaled Ahmedy aka the Silent Assassin

Khaled is by far the league's best bowler that no one talks about.  Maybe its because he doesn't talk trash.  Maybe it's because he never says anything, while the rest of his team is hollering non-stop.  Maybe it's because he knows he's good and he doesn't feel the need to show off to prove it.  Regardless, he just gets the job done.

Khaled is the anchor to Asian Sensation.  As he goes, his team goes.  He got better each week, and his team followed suit.  He took on the very best in the league each week, and had good results.  This is how Khaled is in all SA sports, he does his job very well, and doesn't look for any accolades in the process.  He stays in control, and takes care of business in a quiet manner.

Khaled is one of the more consistent bowlers in the league.  Throwing a solid hook, Khaled has a good strike ball.  When his strike ball is off, he converts spares at a very high rate.  Every now and then he'll leave an ugly split (usually 8-10) that he'll have no chance of converting, but otherwise his game is very sound.  He's capable of games of 200+ when he gets it going, and usually closes games strong regardless of how he's doing.

Khaled is never phased by pressure moments.  So even if the league has gotten better, he will do whatever he has to do to keep pace.  Expect Khaled to average over 180 pins this season, finish in the top 10 once again (for the 3rd season in a row), and go unnoticed in the process.  Just how he wants it.

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