Friday, October 5, 2012

Snipers Preview

Gage Nestor
Patrick Vatel
Guerrier Connor
Uday Gosalia
Yasar Bokhari

The unknown team known as the Snipers is led by 'Chocolate Thunder,' Gage.  He is coming off a summer finals victory with the Four Horsemen, where his teammates called him the MVP of their playoff run. Gage cracked the top ten averaging 170 and is practicing every week to get better. He is bringing 3 rookies to his team but don’t let that fool you. His team can bowl and other teams should be worried.  His team includes Uday, Yasar, Pat, and the man who I predict will crack the top 10 Guerrier. Every single week they are at East Meadow practicing, and they are excited to have a shot to take home the gold. From what we know so far Guerrier will be their anchor who has the skill to easily crack the 200 range. He will be giving anchors all over the league a hard time.  Uday, Pat, and Yasar are just starting out to bowl but they already shown flashes and are the perfect ingredients that the Snipers need to win the title.

We all know what Gage can do. Gage will bowl 200 after 200 when it counts like he did in the finals. Guerrier who is new to the league, but we can already tell he will be consistent and wreak havoc for opposing teams. The darkhorses for this team are Yasar, Pat, and Uday. These three are fairly new bowlers averaging around 130-160. IF these three men can practice and pick up their games they will be tough to beat, especially with their handicap factored in.

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