Friday, October 5, 2012

Pin Smackers

Pin Smackers:


The Pin Smackers one of the teams in the leagues that has one of the best chances to win the South Asian Bowling league title. Looking at this team we see the cast of characters. Any time you have a team that has players with nick names you know that you are in trouble. This team is led by Abhi aka the Mayor. Abhi is seen in East Meadow Bowling lanes by many during the week.  Abhi is an adept pitcher in the South Asian Softball League where he is known for his control and consistency. On the Bowling lanes Abhi is known as a player who consistently can bowl, bowl, bowl. He had most of the high games in the Summer season and on this team he becomes a formidable anchor.   The second player that we have to watch out for is probably going to be their 3rd bowler and that is Eugene aka Aaron Rodgers. Whether or not he is going to be doing his flex, after his spare, or the Aaron Rodgers belt after his strike. Being a lefty he gets consistent lanes, so once he finds his groove it is tough for him to be beaten.   Lastly we have the most improved bowler in the league, Sony "Sneak Sneaky" Singh.  Sneaky Sneaky as he was affectionately called by the Daddy of the league Ayaz. Was due to the fact that Sony had the innate ability to sneak up on his opponents. But Sony has put in the time and practiced and has turned himself from an average bowler to someone who can bowl 180-190 in a game and thus break your teams spirit.   With Adam and Andre you have two bowlers who have experience who can bring in the advantage of a massive handicap. This provides them with the cushion that they need. In games when they are going to be bowling above their average this team almost becomes unbeatable.

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