Monday, October 29, 2012

Hot Pins

Balls n Strikes

We said last week that this is the team to watch out for. After taking 19 points from Strike Kings, will teams finally take Balls n Strikes seriously?

Strike Kings

Will someone please help out Don Ali? Don bowled for an average of 218 this week and Strike Kings only won 4 pins. This team went from being a favorite to slowly a team that no one fears.

Strikes and Spares

The question isn’t whether this team be in first place when the regular season is over. This team is by the far the most dominating team in the league. The question is when should they rest their players, so they will be fresh for the playoffs?

Pin Pals

Daddy Dar finally backed up his mouth and took Yash and the rest of Asian Sensation to school. Is it possible that the defending champs are underrated?

Asian Sensation

Another week of trash talking another defeat. Maybe Yash and the rest of Asian Sensation should practice more instead of posting articles on Facebook on how they are going to win.


No one said Force was a favorite to win a championship, as Las Vegas had them at 100-1 odds. But did anyone really think this team would fall to last place? It is early, but this seems to be the team that will struggle throughout the entire season. I hope I’m wrong.

Pin Smackers

A demoralizing defeat to the number one team in the league Strikes and Spares where they only got 3 points. They will have a rematch next week, but are the Pin Smackers going to wake up? I guess we will find out during the rematch next week.


Snipers are slowing creeping up the leader board as they took 16 points this week. Uday finally showed up to bowl as he had an average of 136.7 last week. If Uday keeps on practicing and gets better is there any team that will want to face them?

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