Friday, October 26, 2012

Power Rankings #2

Power Rankings #2 - After Week 3 (10/21)

1) Strikes 'n' Spares - 50.5 points

The 4 Horsemen of the winter season. Mufty with a 40 pin handicap and bowling at a high level makes this team close to unbeatable. Raza when motivated and focused is a 180 bowler. Naeem is one of the most improved bowlers who has a 200 point game to his resume. What makes this team scary is that the new leader of SA-Bowl and the NSA party Jason Reis has only bowled one series; and they're still in first place. He adds the ability to go over 220 any game and is one of the best closers in the game. That makes this team near unbeatable.

2) Pin Smackers - 49 points

It isn't just the Abhi show. Abhishek is doing his thing. But guys like Adam have really turned it up. Eugene one of the top 10 bowlers in the league very quietly takes care of business along with Sony "Sneaky Sneaky" Singh. Both of these bowlers don't cause fear in the hearts of the opposition, but they bowl very well and allow Abhi to bowl in his smooth style with out any real pressure.

3) Asian Sensation - 38.5 points

Khaled has been on a tear recently. Yash has really upped his game. Jin has been bowling 120 games plus 200 games. This team can match the trash talking to any team in the league. But now they have a lot more bite with their bark. This team is seen practicing and the practice is paying off as the team is really turning it up in the leauge. Even with shoddy attendance they are ahead of teams like the Strike Kings and Pin Pals.  Imagine if they have Khaled very week going forward?

4) Strike Kings - 38 points

This team looks completely different once Eddie is there. If he is there then Don Ali has the second bowler to take the pressure off of him. If he isn't there then Don Ali is the only bowler on the team who can consistently bowl above a 180. Ammad has made major strides as evidenced by his 200 + game 2 weeks ago. But the key is consistency. Nisar and Raheel make up a good core. Raheel has shown real signs of becoming a legitimate force in the league but he isn't there yet. This team has a lot of #3 bowlers but no clear cut #2. Once Eddie comes in consistently and or in the playoffs this is going to be a team that no one will want to face.

5) Pin Pals - 29 points

The Daddy of the league Ayaz is now asking who is Daddy is. The team the defending champions have lost Riz and Moe. The lack of depth is really hurting this team. Asif when he gets going is one of the best bowlers in the game. But showing up a few minutes before start time week in and week out, means that this team doesn't get to warm up like the other teams.  Without Chris and Dave bowling well, this team has no chance against most teams.  But if Chris and Dave have it, then this team is one of the league's best.  The consistency of Chris and Dave will decide how far this teams goes.

6) Force - 28 points

Prince and Moe form a lethal 1-2 punch on this team. Moe is capable of a 200+ game at any time. You never know what you are going to get, but he can make some difficult shots look easy. Prince is Mr. cool, putting in his 180 week after week.  But he's been on a slide recently.  Riz Patel made an appearance and he showed a new bowling style. He was getting spares and is no longer throwing the ball straight. So Riz could become that third bowler that Prince and Moe need. Matt looks like he could be a force to be reckoned with in the future with his solid curve. The team has great depth, but has been done in by its attendance. Prince will show every week, what about the others?

7) Snipers - 23.5 points

The predictions about Guerrier have been dead on so far. He's tied for third right now with an average near 184. He's also tied for the league lead in points won. We all know what Gage is capable of, but he's been off. After the summer where he dominated from the #1 spot, he's had some trouble being the teams 2nd best bowler. We except him to turn it on soon though. The issue lies in the rest of the roster. Pat and Uday are struggling right now. Yasar is a solid bowler, but is part time. This team is just like the Pin Pals.  They have a great duo, but their success will be determined by how their other bowlers do.

8) Balls 'n Strikes - 19 points

For all the negativity Force gets about their attendance issues, Balls 'n Strikes has had worse attendance. You will not win in this league without a full roster, and they found that out the first two weeks. This past week they finally had a full squad and played the Pin Smackers nearly dead even. At full strength this team has a lot going for it. Wahid started off the season slow, but last week he took 2 points from Abhi, with games over 180. Shumail and Hakim really give this team great depth. Who will be the 4th bowler? If they sort out everything, watch out for them as they will quickly rise in the standings.

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