Friday, October 5, 2012

Balls N Strikes

Wahid O.
Mustafa S.
Alisher S.
AbdulSattar N.
Hakim N.
Wally N.
Ali N.

Not much is known about this team in the bowling lanes of the South Asian Bowling League. But those in the know have begun to heard a buzz about this team. 

Wahid O one of the best pitchers in the SouthAsianSoftballLeague will bring his array of control to the game and some are saying he has the potential to be in the top 10.  Hakim and Ali both are regular bowlers and should be a consistent 2,3 for this team, when you factor in the handicap that all teams get. These two are poised to take advantage and to win their positions quite regularly.  Mustafa Saeed we all know as the person who probably throws the straight ball the slowest yet hits the biggest shots. In season 1 there were many back breaking moments when Mustafa came up clutch in key situations all the while throwing the ball so slow that it only prolonged the agony of his opponents. Abdul Sattar brings his veteran poise and has bowled in the South Asian Bowling League and figure him to take advantage of the handicap. 

The consensus on this team is that with the handicap this team just has to bowl their average to be dangerous, in the games that a few of them bowl 10-20 pins above their average they are going to be very formidable. Wahid Omarzai is known as someone who doesn't get rattled and has ice in his veins, being in the closer role is nothing new to him. 

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