Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 9 Recap

The South Asian Bowling season just got a lot more interesting after week 9's game. Some might call this "bizzaro week" as the bottom 2 teams swept. But this is showing that any team can win any given game.

Strikes 'n' Spares vs. Pin Pals

SnS once again came into this week with enough bowlers for 2 teams. That being said, Nadeem is making it working, subbing guys left and right, but putting a competitive team out there regardless of who it is. Being pitted against the Pin Pals would be a real test for SnS, as they have been getting much better as the season progressed. Unfortunately for the Pin Pals, they were missing both Ayaz and Asif. That being said, SnS really brought their A game, and even with Ayaz there, it may not have helped.

Game 1 saw SnS win by nearly 200 pins - 857 to 650. That should tell you regardless of who SnS played, they are for real. SnS was led by Raza with a 190, Mufthy with a 188, Hamza with a 163, Omair with a season high of 160, and Amaad with a 156. For the Pin Pals, Moe Ali bowled a 170, but didn't get much help outside of Riz's 146.

Game 2 saw SnS drop off, but they still got the win 737-632. Pin Pals may have won this game with Ayaz present, but without him, SnS still easily cruised despite off games from their players. Amaad led them with a 163, Raza with a 161, and Mufthy with a 153. Pin Pals got average contributions from everyone - Moe with a 143, Sid with a 137, Riz with a 133, and Dave with a 129. But only having 4 bowlers, you need to have great games from all 4 bowlers to have a chance.

Game 3 saw SnS dominate with a 786 to 655 win. Raza once again led the team with a 200. Amaad put in 176, Hamza had 150, and Naeem kept his very solid day going with a 145. For the Pin Pals, they got a 164 from Moe, a 160 from Dave, and a 149 from Riz.

SnS have been getting better each week and are getting hot at the right time. They have now moved up to 4th in the standings thanks to their sweep and help from the series below. SnS's scores are also now competitive with the league's top teams. An 857 in game 1 and a 786 in game 3 will get you a lot wins. The Pin Pals hold on to the #1 seed, but need to get back on their winning ways fast as the Pin Smackers are (literally) right behind them in the standings.

Force vs. Asian Sensation

For the 2nd straight week, Force looked really good, as they were the best team overall in week 9. After looking like they would never figure it out in time, they now have had total team efforts, as the team total has jumped upward. Both teams were missing regulars as Force was without Alan and Bobby, and Asian Sensation was without Amin and Jin. Asian Sensation has been able to hold their own with players missing, but just like the Pin Pals, it may not have mattered even if they showed.

Game 1 was the Khaled show. The captain was trying to lead by example with his season's best and league high for the day of 234, and getting strike after strike to keep his team close. He had no open frames, which is very impressive for anyone. Adam gave him great support with a 172, and Yash had a solid game of 141. Force was led by Prince who continues his surge with a 214, while Shumail had his season high of 202, Raheel bowled a 161, and James and Roswell both had 141. Force wins game 1 859-754.

Both teams were off in game 2, but Force still had enough to win 754-653. Force was led by Prince and Shumail, both scoring 182, while Raheel added in 146. For Asian Sensation, Khaled tried to carry the team once again with a 166, but got little support outside of Yash who got a 144.

Game 3 had Force get back on its game, and complete the sweep with an 872-769 victory. Another well balanced game from Force as Prince bowled an even 200, Raheel bowled his season high of 191, Shumail had a 183, and Roswell bowled his season high of 179. For Asian Sensation, Khaled completed his excellent day of bowling with a 169, Yash bowled his high game of the day with a 173, and Adam and Khalil both had a 147.

Asian Sensation were definitely missing the spark Amin and Jin provide, but they still had two games above 760. That should be good for wins most weeks. As for Force, just like Strikes 'n' Spares, they are getting hot at the right time as they may not be a team anyone wants to face in the wildcard round. All 5 of their bowlers, regardless of who they are, have really been stepping up and putting up season highs at the right time.

Strike Kings vs. Pin Smackers

The 3 best bowlers in the league once again met up, but all they did was cancel each other out. This game had a number of unsung heroes, and a couple of surprises.

Game 1 was a close game for most of the match. Pin Smackers were led by ... Harp? With Abhi having an off game of 161, Harp stepped up and bowled a 179. Pin Smackers also got solid contributions from Sony with a 146, and Eugene with a 142. Strike Kings were led by Don with a 215, and Jason with a 182. The difference maker in this game? Arshad bowled a 160, which was enough to give the Strike Kings a 790-738 win in game 1.

Game 2 once again had Arshad step up with a 156. Meanwhile Jason and Don did their thing with a 233 and a 181 respectively. For the Pin Smackers, Harp kept it going with a 178, Abhi found his form with a 192, and Sony bowled his season high of 183. Another close match, but Pin Smackers take this one, 811-779.

Game 3 was all about the Pin Smackers. Harp finished his great day of bowling with a 192, Abhi had another great game with a 213, and Eugene came to life with a 179. For the Strike Kings, Jason bowled a 168, Don bowled a 186, and Nisar stepped up this game with a 153. But the Pin Smackers were way too much, winning 878-698.

Just how good have Jason and Abhi been this season? Jason's 168 was his 3rd lowest game of the season. Abhi's 161? His 2nd lowest of the season. As for their teams, Strike Kings are going the wrong way as the playoffs draw near. Despite having a #3 bowler step up this week, they still only got 1 win. Locking up a top 2 seed is now in jeopardy as well. The Pin Smackers meanwhile are looking good, as 878 was this weeks high team score. They're deep enough to withstand an average game from Abhi, which bodes trouble for any opponent as the playoffs loom.

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