Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 8 Recap

Week 8 saw another great set of competitive games... and a commish that cannot predict games at all.

Pin Smackers vs. Strikes 'n' Spares

Strikes 'n' Spares brought enough players to have 2 teams compete on Sunday. But game 1 didn't go there way. They got off to a slow start, while Abhi bowled a 195 and Eugene bowled a 199 to lead the charge for the Pin Smackers as they won easily 773-630. Raza bowled a 163, but got no support otherwise.

Game 2 was a totally different story. Raza bowled a 171, Hamza bowled a 150, and Mufthy bowled a 142 in a balanced game. Strikes 'n' Spares won a close one once again, 733 to 714. Abhi once again bowled a 195 and Eugene bowled a 192, but this time they got little help.

Game 3 saw Strikes 'n' Spares win by their biggest margin of the season with a 779-721 win. New comer Ammad B. bowled a 193, while Raza kept his great day going with a 162. Shaheer also chipped in with a 151. As for the Pin Smackers, Abhi bowled a 205, Eugene bowled a 160, and Adam put in 140.

Strikes 'n' Spares won 2 out of 3, but the Pin Smackers were able to win the total pins. However, Strikes 'n' Spares have shown great improvement and continue to bowl well. They continue to win very close games and could cause problems for teams down the stretch. The Pin Smackers on the other hand clearly missed Sony, but should have him back next week.

Strike Kings vs. Force

Tight match throughout and great games bowled by a number of different players. Game 1 was a very close match with Don rolling a 217, Jason bowling a 190, and Ammad adding in 142. Force definitely were on a mission from the start with Prince bowling a 212, Alan with a 191, and Shumail with a 172. Game came down to the wire with Strike Kings getting the win 791-786.

Strike Kings really got it going in game 2. Jason bowled the league's high of the day with a 235, Don bowled a 202, and Arshad bowled a 155. Force kept it going with a 192 from Shumail, 180 from Prince, and a 178 from Alan. In a very high scoring match, Strike Kings edged out Force 845 to 808.

Force's depth was really on display in game 3 with 4 bowlers scoring over 150. Alan continued his best series of the season with his season high of 195, Prince rolled a 194, and Roswell also bowled his season high of 162. Force ended up with the team high total for this week of 830 to win 830-768. Jason and Don continued their excellent play with 211 and 185, but didn't have the support from one of their other bowlers as they had in games 1 and 2.

Win their big win in game 3, Force was able to win the total points. The question will be if Force can keep this going as they finally were able to all bowl well on the same day. As for the Strike Kings, Don and Jason will continue to be 2 of the league's best bowlers, but who will be the 3rd bowler? Consistency will be key as the playoff draw closer.

Pin Pals vs. Asian Sensation

How even was this match-up by the end of the day? Asian Sensation had a total score of 2313, while the Pin Pals had a total score of . . . 2313! For the first time ever, two teams tied for the total pins. Unfortunately, we could not get a bowl off due to time constraints.

The trash talking between this team has been going on throughout the week. What made this series even better is that everyone backed it up. In game 1 power bowler Adam had a season high of 187, while Khaled put in 173 and Yash added in 171. For the Pin Pals, Ayaz bowled a 181, Moe had a 152, and Sid made a respectable debut with a 148. But it wouldn't be enough as Asian Sensation won 808-744

Game 2 for the Pin Pals once again lead the way with a 200. Moe and Sid bowled a 143 and 142 respectively. Asian Sensation had captain Khaled bowl a 195 to virtually match Ayaz, while Yash kept his solid play going with a 161. Adam and Jin bowled 140 and 138 to keep the team motif going strong. Asian Sensation was able to pull out a close win with a 762-742 win.

In game 3, the lowest score by ANY of the bowlers was 143. The only problem though was Asian Sensation didn't have any bowler step up to ensure the sweep. Khaled and Amin both bowled a 147, Khalil bowled a 149, Adam bowled a 143, and Yash led the team with a 157. Meanwhile, Ayaz once again bowled a 200, Dave stepped up and bowled a 175, Moe bowled a 155, Sid finished a solid debut with a 151, and Chris bowled a 146. While everyone bowled well, Pin Pals were that much better winning 827-743.

As mentioned before, both teams tied on the total pins. The Pin Pals showed that even without Asif, they're tough to beat, but they're not nearly as dominant. With the Strike Kings and Pin Smackers breathing down their necks, they're going to need Riz back along with Chris and Dave to keep bowling as they did in game 3. As for Asian Sensation, they're showing great team play, but they still need someone to step up and carry them when someone has a off game.

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