Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 10 Recap - Linsanity Strikes SABowl

Pin Smackers vs. Strike Kings

Game 1: Pin Smakers win 784-699
Game 2: Strike Kings win 735-712
Game 3: Pin Smackers win 805-726
Pin Smackers win total pins

For the Pin Smackers, this past week was a mixed bag. The good was they won 8 points. The bad was they should have swept, given the Strike Kings were bowling not only without Jason, but with only 4 bowlers as well. By not sweeping, it leaves the door open for the Pin Pals to still get the #1 seed without a huge team effort. In game 1, Abhi led the team with a 193, while Eugene added a 163, and Harp rolled a 158. In game 2, Harp led the team with a 164, Abhi had a 163, and Eugene had a 145. Abhi finally had an off game, but no one was there to pick him up really. In game 3, the team regained their form, with Harp having a 188, Sony with a 178, and Abhi bowled a 161.

The Strike Kings really helped their cause by pulling out a victory. Strikes 'n' Spares were fast approaching in the standings, but now SnS will need to completely sweep their match against in the position round to take the 3 seed. The question is can they win one game again next week in order to clinch? In game 1, Don bowled a 208, while Yasser added in 151. In game 2, Don bowled a 226, while Arshad stepped up big to bowl a 166. In game 3, Don bowled a 178, Yasser bowled his season high of 174, and Arshad added in a 162. Unlike the Pin Smackers, their position round matchup is huge. No matter what, Strike Kings will be playing in the wildcard round. The question is will they have any momentum going into the playoffs? Strike Kings showed they can post a solid team score, but they truly need contributions out of everyone if they want to remain in the 3 spot.

Force vs. Asian Sensation

Game 1: Force wins 855-787
Game 2: Force wins 729-688
Game 3: Force wins 775-691
Force wins total points

For Force, ladies and gents, the original JLin officially arrived. James Lin broke out for his biggest performance of the season, putting up a Linspired performance to average 160 for the day for the first time this season. Lin went Linsane in the first game, bowling a 156, good for fourth on a now loaded Force roster. In a not-so-Linsightful move, the OG JLin Linexplicably benched himself for Game 2 of the series. MiracuLinly, Force pulled off the win regardless. In Game 3, James brushed the Lint off his bowling ball and reentered the lineup. Surprise surprise, a Linspired James again posted a 164, his highest game of the season, propelling Force to the 'W,' continuing the team's seven-game Linning streak. Prince also flirted with a 300 in Game 1 (241), Bobby made his return (162 in game 1), Alan and Shumail keep their streak of good games going (Alan 159 average, Shumail 169 average), but who cares when you're, duh, LINNING.

As for Asian Sensation, Khaled is the league's best bowler that no one is talking about. Khaled has been getting better each week, and has posted near 600 series over the last few weeks. He bowled games of 212, 189, and 191 this week. So he's doing his job. But the rest of the team has really been inconsistent. In game 1, Adam bowled a 181. In game 2, Khalil bowled a 148. In game 3, Adam bowled a 145. The problem is, who's the team's #2 bowler? Who's helping out Khaled on the off chance he has a bad game? Asian Sensation looked primed to make a run after beating the Pin Pals in week 8. While Force has really turned it on these last few weeks, some of their teams scores will not beat anybody right now. They've dropped to 6th in the standings, and really need to get in gear if they want to make a run in the playoffs.

Pin Pals vs. Strikes 'n' Spares

Game 1: SnS win 731-632
Game 2: Pin Pals win 746-598
Game 3: SnS win 756-672
SnS win total pins

Not the revenge Ayaz exactly wanted. His team got one win that they needed, but winning 2 would have really put them in a nice spot. That being said, they have a 1st round bye all but clinched already. The other good news? They can still manage to win a game here and there without having Asif or Moe. In game 1, Ayaz had a 177, but got no help. In game 2, Ayaz kept it going with a 179, while Riz added in a 155, and Sid added in a 146. In game 3, Ayaz finished off his great day with a 187, but once again got no help. The only concern the Pin Pals have is that while Asif has been out, no one has really taken over. Everyone keeps their average about the same, or their averages are slightly dropping. When the Pin Pals made their run, not only were Asif and Ayaz bowling well, Riz and someone else was always giving a solid effort. But this roster will be scary come playoff time when they are at full strength.

SnS keeps the good times rolling. A team no one gave a chance early in the season, they've now all but locked up the 4 seed, and still have a chance at the 3 seed. Can anyone even remember the last time this team lost a series? In game 1, Shaheer bowled a 155, Amaad and Mufthy both bowled a 151. In game 3, Mufthy bowled a 175, Raza bowled a 166, and Omair bowled a 153. SnS's main issue? Notice how no highlights of game 2 were written. When your team bowls 598, there isn't much to write about. What makes it worse is the team had 5 bowlers as well. While it's just one game, and SnS has been really good lately, they still are capable of throwing a complete dud out there. 598 is alarmingly low. For this team to be really scary in the playoffs, they cannot have any off games going forward.

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