Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 9 Power Rankings

1. Pin Pals - Buoyed by their performance this week. Ayaz and company went in to this match up knowing that they won't have Asif Siddiqui. So they wanted to make sure that they escaped with at least one win to ensure that they would retain first place. Ayaz and company trash talked with Asian Sensation all week and got what they wanted. Which was 3 points (4 due to the tie). The fortunate part for them is that all of the teams under them cannibalized each other and Pin Pals is still in the lead with 9 points. While the #2 and #3 teams are going head to head against each other this upcoming Sunday.

2. Pin Smackers - 4 of the top 10 games bowled this season have been by Abhishek Kumar. Where every team has a robin to their bat man. With the Pin Smackers you have Abhishek who is the clear leader on this team. Not only is Abhi able to put on these types of performances week in and week out but he is also able to provide assistance to every other player in the league. When Eugene is on he can be that capable #2. What makes this team scary is that Adam, Andre, and Sony have all had games above or near the 180 mark. Which means that this team has real depth. While Abhi is able to take away the bulk of the pressure this team has the core that has improved the most this season and securely gives them the #2 spot.

3 Asian Sensation - Is there a team that is any scarier to play in the playoffs than Asian Sensation? On this team you know that they have the anchor in Khaled Ahmedy, but when you factor Adam, Jin, and Yash having bowled games 185 and higher this team is deep. This team doesn't rely on just one player bringing it because between their screaming and synchronized cigarette breaks. This team is on a roll. This team right now has to be one of the scariest in the league. They have yet to have a game where the entire team is on the same time. If that would happen they could easily break the record and eclipse the 900+ mark (Pin Pals hold the record with 892).

4 Strike Kings - This team began the year by running the table. Their was talk if this team could even be beat. All they needed was Don Ali Nasrallah and Jason Reiss to bowl their games. If one of the three bowlers between Arshad, Nisar, or Ammad had a decent game of 150 or above you couldn't beat them. Well a funny thing happened. Don and Jason both are bowling close to 200, but the team doesn't have the depth. The other three haven't developed the same way that other teams like Pin Smackers and Asian Sensation have. Unless they are able to get more consistency out of the other three, this team is going to be a cautionary tale of what could have been.

5. Strikes N Spares - They bring in the deepest roster in the league. They alternate players between every game. But they keep on chipping away at the lead. They may have dug themselves too much of a hole, but they have taken games from Strike Kings and now Pin Smackers. This team has the best chemistry. This week with some of their players sporting gold chains and matching Champion track suits, this team has the depth to go all the way. They are going to be a team that no one wants to play in the first round of the playoffs because they have the capability of taking any team out in the league.

6. Force - This week not withstanding Force has had their issues with attendance. Can anyone even name what their actual starting 5 is? Every week you know that you will have Prince, and probably Roswell and Alan. But after that the last 2 is a crap shoot. If they are able to put together their top 5 bowlers together and they qualify. This team is going to have just as good of a shot to win the entire league and hoist the coveted South Asian Bowling Cup.

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