Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 10 Power Rankings

We have a guest writer who has chosen to stay anonymous to write this week's Power Rankings:

1. Pin Smackers – They were built around Abhishek who carried this team for the better part of the season, until now. Abhishek has been the leader of the Pin Smackers and Eugene has been an excellent #2. When they needed a solid #3, Sony stepped up big time fitting perfectly into that role. That team was capable of beating anyone any given week. Add Harpreet to this squad and now you have a 3 headed monster of Abhi, Harp, and Eugene. If Harp continues to show up Abhi will no longer need to carry the team for them to win. If their best 4 show up you can expect them to take over the 1st seed going into the playoffs.

2. Pin Pals – Without Asif they have struggled, winning only 1 of their last 6 six games. Losing all 3 to a much improved Strikes ‘n’ Spares team, but were missing their top 2 bowlers in Asif and Ayaz. They still hold the top seed by a mere 1 point. Once attendance is no longer an issue other teams will have a difficult time beating this balanced squad. Having your 4th best bowler in Riz averaging a 147 will go a long way come playoff time.

3. Strikes ‘n’ Spares – They have been on a second half tear, winning at least 2 games each of the last 5 weeks. They bring in the deepest roster in the league and it has proven to be effective. They are led by Mufthy and Nadeem but the rest of this 30 man lineup (seems like literally) has done an excellent job as well. Their biggest challenge will be getting one of their bowlers to average 175+ these last few weeks. If they can get that then they will be tough to beat; if not, then winning come playoff time will be difficult.

4. Strike Kings – With the 1st and 3rd best bowlers in the league you can never count this team out. The question has always been who will step up as a solid #3. Although Arshad had a good week this past Sunday, it seems as if there is no consistent play from anyone outside of Jason and Don Ali. With the three teams above them adding top notch #3 bowlers and the teams below having much improved play lately the question now isn’t just who is #3. The question now is who are 3 and 4? They will need solid consistent performances from 2 of their bottom 3 bowlers if they want the go deep in the playoffs. With Jason projected to miss the next two weeks don’t expect them to win much before the playoffs. Since the teams below them are so far behind chances are they will end up as the 3rd or 4th seed.

5. Force – Started the season of terribly, having sub 700 scores 13 out of the first 21 games. That kind of performance will get you no where. These last two weeks, Force has been arguably the best team overall. Knocking down the most pins, and even having two 850+ games this past weekend. Their increased performance began with the “bowling ball conspiracy." Since then, Prince has been on a tear, averaging 185+. But everyone else has done much better as well. Shumail has settled down and has been doing and excellent job as the teams #2 bowler. Alan has picked it up as well and could arguably be the #2 bowler or #2a. Roswell has also stepped up big time in the absence of Bobby to be the teams #4 guy. Their biggest issue has and always will be attendance. Who will show up next week?

6. Asian Sensation - #3 in the power rankings last week, dropped to #6 this week. They definitely have improved their play in the second half of the year. But so have most the other teams. They have only 10 points the last 4 weeks, with only 3 wins. Capable of winning games against any team, but also capable of bowling a dud. Which team will show up this coming Sunday? If they are to win they will need more consistent play, and need it fast.

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