Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week 8 Preview/Predictions

Pin Pals vs. Asian Sensation

Last week, the Pin Pals swept Asian Sensation with 2 of the 3 games not being all that close. For all the smack talk Ayaz has done on the boards, his bowling has backed up everything. Meanwhile, Asif has stayed relatively quiet and has been slightly better than Ayaz all season. However, Asif will not be showing up this week, putting pressure on Ayaz to carry the squad. This also puts pressure on Chris and Dave to bowl well too, since it will take a team effort to make up for Asif's absence. Moe will help relieve some of loss, but he's still an unknown to this point.

As for Asian Sensation, they continue to improve as a team as they've broken the 800 barrier a few times in the past few weeks. Khaled is now the #10 bowler in the league, and Jin is right behind him at #11. In addition, improved play from Yash and Adam has really given this team the depth it needs. While they have good attendance week in and week out, they're going to need their best 5 to stay with the Pin Pals, as they've been the leagues deepest team. They also need to avoid any letdown games. Their 3rd game against Pin Pals they only bowled a 611, which will not get it done against anyone.

Pin Pals are just too hot right now, and even without Asif, the prediction is Pin Pals win 2 games and the total pins. Expect Asian Sensation to keep it close and take a game, but I expect Chris and Dave to have huge weeks and step up their game.

Strike Kings vs. Force

Force just cannot seem to get it going this season. They seem to stay close with any team for 1 or 2 games, but rarely close it out. In week 1, they played the Strike Kings real close, but got 0 wins to show for it. They also seem to have inconsistent play. Whenever one player bowls well, someone else seems to struggle. If they plan to make 2nd half surge, it has to start now, and all 5 bowlers have to be on the same page. Prince and Roswell have stepped up their games recently, and they're going to need everyone else to do the same this week.

Strike Kings have 2 of the top 3 bowlers in the league in Jason and Don. The question has always been about their depth. Last week showed they still haven't addressed this issue. Jason finally had an off week by his standards, and no one was able to step up and push the team forward. Ammad, Nisar, and Arshad have all bowled games in the 160 range, but for the most part have stayed in the 110-120 range. They might be able to get away with that this week, but if they want to make a run at the title, they're going to have to get more consistent play out of these 3 bowlers.

As well as Prince has been bowling, at best, he will only match Don or Jason. If someone else on Force can match up with the other monster on the Strike Kings, this could be the week Force turns it around; as the rest of their team is stronger than the rest of the Strike Kings. That being said, with Force's inconsistent play, expect them to only win 1 game based on their depth. Strike Kings are predicted to win 2 games and the total pins.

Strikes 'n' Spares vs. Pin Smackers

Abhi came back with a vengeance last week and bowled 3 monster games all the 200s. As the #2 bowler in the league, he will put pressure on Strikes 'n' Spares to be at their best if they want to continue their winning streak. Abhi has been getting a lot of help too as Eugene is quietly the #6 bowler in the league, and has been nothing but consistent as Abhi's wing man. The player to watch in this match-up though is Sony. Sony continues to get better each and every week and has stepped up to be the team's #3 bowler. With Sony's improved play, expect him to be the difference.

In order for Strikes 'n' Spares to win this week, they will need consistency from all 5 bowlers. Nadeem has been solid all season, and he definitely has talent behind him with Mufty, Hamza, and Naeem. However, all 3 guys had 1 bad game last week. Like the Strike Kings, all have shown they're capable of very solid games, but for the most part have not done it. Strikes 'n' Spares also dodged a bullet as Jason and Don had slightly off weeks. Don't expect the same thing from Abhi and Eugene this week. If all 5 guys don't bowl well, they might be in for a long week. Who is going to step up on this team and match-up with Abhi?

Pin Smackers are eyeing that #1 seed and continue to make their push. The prediction is for the Pin Smackers to sweep the week and win all 11 points.

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