Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 1 Power Rankings

Mean Machine
Week 1:
21 points, – 3-0
Reis’ Bros (Jason & Justin) are the power duo and got the job done with High Handicappers from Kenny, Chris (the new guy), and extra support by Sid ‘The Voice.’ Still early to see since matchups ahead will be tough.
Week  1:
20 Points, 3-0
Huh?? Black & Tan is what is happening to all opponents with Prince “Tanned Jorge” and Gage “Black Giant” both with 180s avgs & Pat “Black Dawg” slowly rising his game with high handicap & Supporters from Brian a Newbie which is slowly conforming to the colors. Tough road ahead for the opponents.
The Dude
Week  1:
15 Points, 2 – 1
The Dude or Dudes??? Returning Champs Wahid & Alisher teamed with Finalist Amin “The Grape Vine” and Also another Champ Chris “The Roller” have a lot of experience in their team and many power with or without Handicaps. Seems the Dudes are in Hail Mary of Killers.
Pins Go DOWN!!
Week  1:
8 points,  1 -2
Pins Go Down with full of Ringers so the people says. Honestly, Mayor Abhi makes it fair with Joe ‘Wild Cat’, Abbas ‘The wink & gun’ kind of guy, & Newbies Phill ‘Double LL’ & Jeff ‘The Chain’ will bring support as a team and week 1 was all new for the players.
Strike Kings
Week 1:
3 points, 0 – 3
Strike Kings many of them with Finalist Expereince Raza ‘Twitcher,’ Ammad ‘The Purple Thumb,’ Mufthy ‘The Clutcher,’ & Alan ‘Catalyst’ as a team will gel once the rhythm comes. Week 1 was nothing but past.
Lane Warriors
Week 1:
2 points, 0 – 3
Ayaz ‘The International Star,” (so he says)leads of with Eugene ‘Double Checker’ needs evaluation, Yash ‘The Gutter,’ and Shumail ‘Mail Man’ fell down horribly with Adam ‘Subway 50 pds’ who can’t carry 16 pounds ball anymore. Full of weights training they need & Seems like The Chump Warriors.

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