Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mean Machine vs Lane Warriors Post Game Recap Week 1 6/6/13

The Mean Machines VS. The Lane Warriors

What happens when the #1 bowler in the league goes against the only 2 time SA Bowling Champion? You get a great season opening match-up, or so you would think. 

Game 1 Started with the return of Adam (Hebrew Hammer) leading off, followed by Eugene(Double Check) in the 2 spot and then everybody's favorite trash talker Ayaz(Daddy Dar) in the 3rd spot with Yash(The Shark) in the anchor position. With this newly formed team, going against Kenny, Chris (the New Guy) Justin, and Jason Reis, anything less then a split would be a disappointment. Since Adam has not bowled since the summer of last year, there was a lot of rust in the hammers arm bowling a very low 107, followed by Eugene with 136, Daddy Dar comes through with a nice 211 to get the only point for his team for that match, and Yash closing the anchor position out with a 154. Not the numbers you would expect from this team. The Mean machines however did step up with Kenny bowling a 151. Chris bowling a 121, Justin with an impressive 191 and  Jason closing out with a whopping 223. Lane warriors-1, Mean Machines-6.

Game 2 Brings the return of Shumail(The Mailman) in the anchor position for the lane warriors. With a big improvement from his game 1 score Adam 149, followed by an 148 from Eugene. An impressive 222 from Ayaz and a bad showing from Shumail bowling a low 142. Daddy dar getting the only point for his team, from a tough mean machines group. The Meanies did there thing again, with Kenny bowling a 159, Chris bowling a 151, Justin bowling a 154( Say WHAT?!!!) and finally Jason with an impressive 227. Lane warriors-1, Mean machines-6.

Game 3 After taking a beating game 1 and 2, the lane warriors are looking to make some noise and try and pick themselves up. Sadly enough that was not the case. The lane warriors got rolled over by the mean machines, With Adam bowling 123, followed by Eugene with a 116(seriously?!!) and Ayaz with a low 173 and ending this bad performance with Shumail delivering a 181. Not the scores you would expect from this caliber of players. On the other side, Kenny ending with a 172(his high game for the night), Chris with a 131, Justin bowling a 174, and Jason with another impressive 236. The Lane warriors-0, Mean Machines-7.

Not what you expect from the Lane warriors but with all the rust being shaken off in week 1, lets see what week 2 holds in store for this newly formed team. Oh yeah, good job Mean machines(sarcastic

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