Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lane Warriors vs The Dudes Week 2 Post Game Recap 6/13/13

The Lane Warriors VS. The Dudes

Here we go with another great match-up in bowling with these two teams,in which former teammates are going against each other, Yash (The Man Bait) and Adam(Hammer Time) going against former Asian Sensation team member Amin(Sutter Home). Wait, didn't Eugene(Check Mate) bowl on the same team with these guys in the fall(St. Thomas) Another guy against Amin. Also Shumail(Mail Man) from the season 3 Champs BnS Vs Wahid(WAAAAHHHHHHIIIDDDD) from that same team. Did we forget the season one champions Dave(HGH) and Chris(check out my arm!!) VS. The Mouth of the South Asian Bowl DADDY DAR!!! Woooo!!............Yeah take it easy Dumbo Dar!! Game 1 starts off and there is no Mouth from Ayaz cause he got suspended for game 1( DUMB ASS) Without him didnt seem to be an issue for the warriors cause they were able to take care of the dudes with a great game from Yash (226) against Wahid (179) and Eugene (221) putting the hurtin' on Amin (121) (yeah he lost by 100 pins scratch).  Adam(119) still trying to find his grove against Chris (135).  Shumail (187) against Dave (182) The Lane warriors come up with the win in Game 1.

Game 2- with Ayaz back in for game 2 the lane warriors looking to keep the momentum going. Alot of trash talking and hooting and hollaring coming from Ayaz (185) who closed out the 10th frame with 3 strikes against Chris (133). Yash (213) keeps the pressure on Wahid (159).  Amin (183) gets the better of Eugene (138). Dave (165) wasn't able to handle the package delivered by Shumail (221). The Lane Warriors take Game 2.

Game 3- EXCUSE ME!!!! can someone tell the Lane Warriors that there is 3 games of bowling. Hey Daddy Dar maybe you should stop talking smack and smack some pins instead. Not one strike was thrown by Ayaz (152) the whole game, he lost to Chris (142)..( Your welcome Chris!!)   Amin (151) getting some payback against Adam (134). Shumail (166) squeezing one more out of Dave (138). Yash (168) gets another one from Wahid (142) It didn't seem to be enough this time as The Dudes get the win in Game 3.

Final result- With a good showing from both teams The Lane Warriors take the series with a final score of 15-8. This match up is only going get better the next time

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