Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lane Warriors vs Pins Go Down

Overall: Lane Warriors 14 points - Pins Go Down! 9 points

Game 1: Lane Warriors 6 - Pins Go Down! 1 point
Lane Warriors one of the hottest team escalating in standings and power rankings has proven this game 1. A new player Amrit 'Tap Out' 'Mahajan, yes Yash's young warrior breed. Amrit bowled inaugural start as 148, Eugene's 162, Ayaz's 179 and Yash's 178 taking the win after being behind for 5 frames. Pins go down weren't getting any pins down except Joe's 186 getting the individual point. Jeff and Phill were no where near their numbers as they bowled 129 and 133 including Abhi's in a slump of 158!!! Total score 798 - 658 Lane Warriors.

Game 2: Lane Warriors 5 - Pins Go Down! 2 points
After pulverizing Pins Go Down, Phill's 202 and Joe's 185 has improved but yet lost again barely due to establishing avg for the new lane warrior were determined after 3 games. Before accounting established avg, Pins Go Down closed Lane Warriors by 39 pins but with after established avg, Lane Warriors escaped the loss with winning by 14 pins. Amrit consistent performance of 143, same with Eugene's 166, Ayaz's 212, and Yash's 152 has shown the resiliency and Abhi's 160 game is deplorable plus Jeff's 157 can only do much.
Total Score: 811 - 797, Lane Warriors.

Game 3: Pins Go Down 6 points - Lane Warriors 1 point.
Lane warriors are too hot to handle with all their warriors in their roster but Pins Go Down will not be swept. Pins Go Down has great support of Joe's 235 and Jeff's 234 helping carrying the team and get the win and match points. Lane Warriors has their new breed Amrit bowled a 103, Eugene's consistent 162, Ayaz's 203 and Yash 'Nemo' 152 could not sweep their opponent. Pins Go Down crushed them with score of 893 - 751, but lost the total series by merely 12 points as Lane Warriors stole last 2 points.

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