Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hot Pins

1. Did another bowler just quit the league? What is going on with everyone? Who is next?
2. I'm pretty sure Jason put to rest this week that there is no one in the league that is on his level.
3. Congrats Ayaz you bowled 7 strikes in a row!! But you still didn't have the high game for the week. Womp Womp.
4. Is Ammad taking deer antler? He bowled his career high series breaking a 550 series.
5. How is it possible that Abhi is one of the worse bowlers on his team? Oops I hope I didn't make him mad.
6. What will the drama be on monday? I know you are excited just like I am.
7. Looks like Prince was caught bending the rules trying to take all 23 points in a forfeit. O well he still took 16 points.
8. Khaled welcome back to bowling. I'm pretty sure we've seen him for the last time this season.
9. Eddie you are at the bowling alley every week. Why aren't you bowling!!!????!!!!!!!
10. Last match is monday before the one month break. Finally!!!!!!!!

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