Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 saw a lot of great action as some teams are starting to find their stride while others still need some more time.

Abhishek Kumar of the Eagles continues to dominate with scores of 235, 279, and 234 as his team swept a short handed Pin Pals team. However the Pin Pals have a lot of promise as Ayaz Dar made his debut with scores of 213, 172, and 160. Asif got it going with scores of 167, 203, and 209.

Nadeem's team made its debut against the Strike Kings. Not the team you want to debut against. Jason Reis had a 180, 247, and 193 while Don Ali shows his consistent ability with scores of 193, 192, and 193. Strike Kings with the sweep, but expect good things from Nadeem's team.

Force vs. Asian Sensation featured 2 teams with a balanced, inconsistent attack. For the Asian Sensation, Khaled had a 201 game to start out but tailed off after. For Force, Bobby impressed with a 184 start, but also tailed off. Both teams need someone to step up and consistently carry them each week to compete with the top teams.

The league continues to feature tough competition and great talent. Excellent week 2 overall.

Looking forward to a great week 3.

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