Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 1 Recap

Week 1 started out with a large turn out of teams. 6 teams began their journey towards the one goal of being the last team standing when the championship is given.

Some early favorites are teams Strike Kings anchored by Jason Reiss and newcomer Don Ali Hugo.

Force showed a balanced attack where from beginning to end Roswell Lo and Alan Tang along with Captain Prince Panicker have a relentless even handed attack.

Pin Pals led by Asif were missing Ayaz Dar and still managed to sweep to win 11 points early on.

Asian Sensation also were missing Manish who is supposedly their best bowler but got some major contributions from Latif Sadiqi and Khaled Ahmedy who were able to save them for 2 wins and 8 points against the Eagles.

Great first week and a few more people are looking to join to even out the teams.

Look forward to a great first season.

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