Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can Anyone Stop the Strike Kings?

Week 3 in the books and another win for the Strike Kings. Can anyone stop this team? This past week they played the second place Asian Sensation team and swept them just like they have swept their other opponents. Game 1 was very close with Strike Kings taking some time to warm up while Asian Sensation was all fired up. Strike Kings found themselves down by 59 pins going in to the ninth frame. They all had a strike or a spare and were able to over come Asian Sensation and won by 51 pins. A 110 pin turn around. Jason Reiss continued to destroy the competition by averaging 203 pins this game which is right around his average of 206. Don Ali Hugo came in with 190 average for this series just a shade below his 192 average. But the dangerous part of this team is the fact that their 3 other bowlers are learning the game and heating up. Arshad Majid had a game 2 high of 135. which is above his 120 average. Nisar Ahmed averaged 126 this past weekend 20 pins above his 106 average and had a monster game 2 with 176. Ammad Sheikh went over 160 two times way above his 129 average. So the question is with two of top 5 bowlers and the beginner bowlers finding themselves can anyone beat the Strike Kings?

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