Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 5 Hot Pins

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Balls n Strikes

Two weeks ago they took 19 points from Strike Kings. This week they took 20 points from an awful Force team. They went from last place to be currenlty in third place which that big of a jump has never been done in the South Asian Bowling League History. The big question is will this momtenum of destroying teams last? Or did they get lucky with the schedule facing a depleted Force team? Link

Strike Kings

The good news for this team is they are in 6th place, and if the playoffs started today they would make it. The bad news is the 7th place Snipers are only 1.5 points behind them. To create a spark, Don Ali and Eddie switched spots as Don Ali went to anchor. Even with the change they still lost their matchup to the Snipers 11-12. It is still early, but Captain Amaad may have to pull a rabbit out of his hat to light a fire under his guys. Link

Strikes n Spares

Another week down and another victory for Strikes n Spares. This team struggled against the 2nd place Pin Smackers but gained 2 points in the standings. I dont know if they are saving their energy for the playoffs, but they looked like they didn't want to be there. They did beat the Pin Smackers, but Sony was not there, and Eugene was not his best. This is a long season to go and it only takes one bad week to fall back in the mix. But this team looks unstoppable beating the Pin Smackers for a 2nd straight week. Link

Pin Pals

When you think of the most dangerous team in the league, Pin Pals don't come to mind for many. They won 13-10 against Asian Sensation, but that isn't the real story. We know the Pin Pals will be in the playoffs as Asif and Ayaz have that experience. When David Deblasio bowls a 198, and 192 this team is almost impossible to beat. David has mastered the hook as his practice has obviously paid off. If David can bowl in the high 180's or higher we should just give the trophy to this team right now. Link

Asian Sensation
Asian Sensation came, saw, and then failed. They put on a show and one of the most exciting matchups we've seen in years but well short again to the Pin Pals. They only lost 13-10 but they can't beat 7-11 Ayaz. On A positive note Yash "The Shark" beat Ayaz in 2 games and Amin bowled a 163 average which is very impressive. Khaled bowled a 121 in one game and has to pick it up. They are currently in 4th place but only 5 points from 2nd, so anything can happen. But Khaled you are better this. You have to bowl better or your team may not make it to the big dance. Link

Link Another week for Force where they had one bowler missing. This week they had two bowlers missing. It's a shame especially since Riz has improved his game this year. This team is not done as there still a lot of weeks left, but can Force please show up with all their guys? Please show up, Prince and Riz can't do it all by themselves.

Pin Smackers

Pin Smackers put on a very impressive performance bouncing back only losing 10.5 to 12.5 to the first place Strikes n Spares. The problem with the Pin Smackers has been Eugene who has not been the same the last couple of weeks. Pin Smackers need Eugene to wake up and Abhi can't do it all by himself. If Eugene can wake up and Sony can show up, then maybe this team can finally beat their rival Strikes n Spares. I think Ahbi has to say this to his team, Link


Guess what? Snipers did it again. Say what you want about this team but this team walked into enemy territory and beat another powerhouse in the Strike Kings. Yes they only won 12-11, but a win is a win. They are currently in 7th but 1.5 points out of 6th and 6.5 points of out 3rd place. This team keeps on surprising every other team, but this team knows what they are doing. Last week it was Uday and this week it was Pat bowling 40 points over his average in game 1. We will say it again if Pat or Uday can bowl over their average like this, there will be no team that would want to face them. Link

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