Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Asian Sensation vs Pin Pals Post Game Recap

Game 1 Pin Pals win 805-801
Game 2 Pin Pals win 857-789
Game 3 Asian Sensations win 905-855
Pin Pals take 5 indivividual, 6 match, 2 total pins = 13 total points
Asian Sensations take 7 individual, 3 match         = 10 total points

The stage was set for a great rematch between the Pin Pals and Asian Sensations. After a two week layover, the question would be if Sandy would cause destruction to either one of the teams bowling game? The answer was yes, and the Sensations would pay for it.

In the first match of the series, the rust clearly was shown in all the players’ games. But David "HGH" DeBlasio, clearly came to play with a new style and a whopping 192. Despite Asif's and Ayaz's slow showing at 164 and 176 and no help from Chris Farrell's 110, they were able to fight off the Sensations. Khaled "The Silent Assassin" Ahmedy had a slow showing at 141, while Amin S. scored a 161. Jin and Yash both scored a 173. Yash started very slow but finished strong with 4 strikes in a row but it wasn’t enough as the Sensation was too far behind.  Ayaz threw a split in the 10th which gave Yash the point over him. A mere 4 points separated the two teams.

The second match was just simply a crushing defeat. The Sensations had no chance with David Deblasio scoring a 198, Asif hitting a 196, and Chris showing some good form at 138. Ayaz was slow yet again only bowling a162.The Sensations had a good start with Amin scoring a 156, and Jin hitting a respectable 158. Khaled "The Silent Assassin" Ahmedy lived up to his name; unfortunately he cut his own teammates throats with a 121. The shark hit his stride with a 201. But it was a little to late as they lost by 68 pins.

The last game, the sensations obviously got some coffee because they decided to wake up after a lack luster showing in the second game. Ayaz, Asif and Chris didn’t make it easy as they bowled a  201, 206, and 167. David Deblasio went back to reality as he only bowled a 118 in game 3. The sensations came in force with Khaled finally realizing he was playing with a 185. Yash and Amin scored a respectable 171 and 172. But the unsung hero of the Sensations, would be Jin " Gangnam Style" Park with a respectable series and a 224 to finish. Jin has shown time and time again he can bowl a big game, and he carried Asian Sensation to victory.

This matchup was very close as the Pin Pals revealed a new force in David Deblasio. While the Sensations showed they have great potential to hit high scores. On a side note Yash "The Shark" Mahajan went head to head with Ayaz " Dadddy" Dar, and won with the handicap after two weeks of trash talk.




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