Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post Game Strike Kings vs Pin Smackers

Game I – Strike Kings 796 vs. Pin Smackers 772
Game II – Strike Kings 837 vs. Pin Smackers 831
Game III – Strike Kings 810 vs. Pin Smackers 857
The Strike Kings starting lineup consisted of Nisar, Ammad, Eddie and Don Ali. For the Pin Smackers, it was Raheel, Eugene and Abhi. Sony arrived late and very well could have made a difference in the first match both for his team and on an individual basis.
Game I was a very close matchup right until the end. It came down to the tenth frame – one in which Nisar, Ammad and Don Ali all had strikes to close out and win the match. Ammad and Don Ali also took their individual points. On the Pin Smackers side Raheel won his matchup vs Nisar with a 164 – his game of what would be a very good series for him. Meanwhile Eugene won his matchup against Eddie with a 187. Abhi had an off game of 164 which let the door open for the Strike Kings to take the game. Another factor was Sony – a decent performance by him could have led the Pin Smackers to victory but he didn’t arrive on time.
In game II Raheel came in for Nisar on the Strike Kings side while Sony was now able to join his team. Raheel (Pin Smackers) bowled a 157 and took the only match point for his side. Sony bowled a 188 but lost to Ammad who bowled a 179. Eugene bowled under his average with a 145 while Abhi just missed his average with a 201. For the Strike Kings both Eddie and Ali won their individual matches. The Strike Kings as a team also had another stunning 10th frame with Don Ali closing out the 10th frame win for the team.
Game III saw an improved Pin Smackers showing. Raheel bowled over 30 pins above his average with a 168, though he lost his individual matchup to Nisar who bowled a 166. Sony bowled another good game with a 196 and he took his individual match point against Ammad. Eugene had an off game while Abhi came back with a 223. The Pin Smackers not only won the game but also eked out total pins as well having won this game by 47 pins.
It should be noted here that Eddie’s average has been consistently dropping since his week I stellar performance. Ammad on the other hand has been improving his game of late and cannot be underestimated. For the Pin Smackers, Sony is definitely their most important player after Abhi – he has the second highest average on the team with (170+) and can put together a string of strikes on any occasion. Eugene on the other hand, previously described as one of the top 10 players in the league has not been amongst the top 10 in terms of averages the whole season. If both Eddie and Eugene improve they will make their respective teams much more difficult to beat

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