Friday, November 9, 2012

Match Preview

Snipers vs Strike Kings

A trend is continuing with another matchup with 2 teams going in opposite direction!

 Snipers led by "CHOCOLATE THUNDER" Gage who is probably the hottest bowler in the league right now by bowling a game high 244 scratch , which broke #5 in top ten high single game score ! Plus his 163.2 avg and winning 7 out of 12 matchup pts comes up clutch week in and week out for team Snipers. He now looks like a member of the Olympic dream team that won in the summer season ,!

 Then you have "THE TERMINATOR"  Mr. Connor, the leading candidate for rookie of the year with his 182 avg which comes in at #4 in top ten. He also has won 7 out of 12 matchup’s which is very impressive especially when your bowling as an ANCHOR and going up against the best bowlers in the LEAGUE!

 With great role players such as Uday , who is starting to find his groove by bowling a TURKEY he will be deadly with his huge handicap.......Hey, If Stella got her groove , why cant Uday lol and with Patrick , Naveed and Yassar’s handicap , they will be tuff opponent to face .

Strike Kings have been dropping in the standings steadily week by week .

They started off hot because of Eddie Santana , who bowled over a 200 avg in the 1st week but missed the next 2 weeks and boy did the RUST show, but if Eddie shows up consistently , there is no better 1,2 matchup than Don Ali and Eddie !

 Don Ali is bringing it every week , especially last week’s tremendous performance with a single game score of 258 which wasn’t enough to win. Don Ali is #1 in top ten avg with a 204 but only has come away with 5 out of 12 matchup pts. He’s going to need the help of his supporting cast to be a contender though .

Ammad Shiekh has showed great games this year as well as bad games but Ammad did throw a single game high of 201 and has an avg of 149 and has won 3.5 out of 7 games but has improved his game to his prior years . Nisar , Raheel and Azfar have great handicaps and have shown decent games and when these trio find it and you add the duo of Don Ali & Eddie they can contend for the championship !

Strike Kings bounce BACK and take 2 out of 3 as Eddie comes up huge vs the Snipers.

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