Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and it's affect on NY

November 9th talking about Hurricane Sandy


November 17th, 2012

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Hosts Ammad Sheikh and Siddique Farooqi returned to SASN Radio to talk about something that was near and dear to anyone on the East Coast. The damage and the destruction that was caused by Hurricane Sandy. Both hosts who had experienced Sandy first hand talked about how life in NY had changed as a result of the storm. They talked about what was going on with electricity, the response by LIPA with the electricity. What to do with FEMA? They brought on Chad Lennon of Team Rubicon who spoke about his organization. Team Rubicon is an organization that brings together former military members to come together and help in natural disasters. As they have all of the training needed along with the logistical no how. Chad spoke about what they were doing in the NY area and what they had experienced and seen thus far.  He also mentioned to those that were listening what they could do in order to help others in need. After the Hurricane Sandy talk hosts Siddique Farooqi and Ammad Sheikh took calls about the NY Knicks. Both were spirited in their defense of the Knicks - Sid, and the opposition of Carmelo Anthony - Ammad Phones lit up as call in after call in came in about the Knicks. A lot of excitement based on the torrid start that the Knicks started out on.

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