Friday, November 23, 2012

Asian Sensation vs Force Preview

Its 10am ! Do you know where the rest of team Force is? They are not at the bowling alley that's for sure. Prince has been under stress with his roster and it has been reflecting on the lanes as he bowled well below his avg with a 152,147 & 169.  Riz is doing well with a 160 avg and winning 2-3 matchup pts per week. Prince needs Moe and Matt to show up, but once they do Force will be a viable team to face. Looks like teams like BnS will look to pounce on Force and the Standings. Force has slowly dropped to last place in the league, but Prince knows there is plenty of time to stage a comeback. The first step to the comeback would be obviously bowling with a full roster.

Asian Sensation are coming off an intense showdown with the Pin Pals with coming away with 10 pts . The "SHARK" Yash lived up to words as he went heads up with Ayaz "DADDY DAY CARE" in the anchor position and took 2 matchup pts.  Jin "GANGNAM STYLE" had an impressive series especially bowling 3rd and scoring 173,158 and a 224. Amin had a decent showing averaging a 160+ series and winning 2-3 matchup pts but Khaled "THE SILENT ASSASIN" was sure silent.  While they were practicing Khaled was not on his game which is why he was bowling 2nd. He finally woke up in the 3rd game with a 185 but it was too little too late .

The story of the match-up is the return of Justin aka JR2K this weekend. He will be using Jason's bowling ball, and it will be easy as taking candy from a baby. Force will likely be missing players, so this is a clean sweep for Asian Sensation as they take all 3 games.

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