Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Force vs Asian Sensation Postgame Recap

Game 1: AS wins 796-746
Game 2: AS wins 826-756
Game 3: AS wins 836-711
Asian Sensation takes 19.5 of 23 points
Yet another week of Force not having a full roster, and once again they paid for it. In game 1, Yash continued his good streak bowling a 198, and Amin added in a 151, both of whom scored points for Asian Sensation. For Force, Alan made his season debut with a 142, while Riz scored a 149, splitting a point with Khaled, who also bowled a 149. Prince won his point with a 188 against Justin, who bowled for the first time since week 1.
In game 2, Yash struggled, only bowling a 140, but the rest of his team picked him up. Amin bowled his season high of 184, Justin also had a 184, while Khaled had a 179 to round out the team effort. Khaled, Yash, and Amin all scored points for Asian Sensation. For Force, Alan struggled, but Riz bowled well once again with a 165. Prince bowled a 215, saving Force from the shutout.
In game 3, Amin struggled, but the rest of the team was on point. Yash bowled a 194, Khaled bowled a 180, and Justin bowled a 176 to all score points for Asian Sensation. Alan picked up his game with a season high of 154 in order to score a point for Force, but he got no help and Riz and Prince both struggled. 
Asian Sensation ends up taking 19.5 points and moves into 2nd place with their win.

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