Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snipers vs Strikes n Spares Preview

Snipers are coming off a week where they took 1 game and and 6 individual pts to total 8 pts. Team SnS are coming off a lucky week as well by coming away with a split of 11.5 pts. What i meant by lucky is a member of BnS decided to bench their BEST player WaHID, where SnS took advantage of it by getting the last game and total pins.

Lets see how these 2 teams matchup !!!

1st Bowlers-
Amaad Bhatti(163.3)Naeem Bawla(138.4)Omar Hussein(140.4) VS Patrick Vatel(99.2)Uday Gosalia(112.5)
The only advantage that Snipers have is that Patrick, and Uday have a considerable handicap. Uday has shown some life by bowling a turkey in recent weeks.  They are goin up against the best leadiff bowlers in Amaad , Naeem & Omar who have a 75% winning pct. They won 18.5 pts out of 25 and to top it off Amaad took home the tab of "PLAYER OF THE WEEK" !
EDGE- Team SnS as they show with thier leadoff bowlers can be bowling a #3 bowler for other teams and thats scary.

2nd Bowlers-
Raza Dastgir(158.3) VS Yasar Bokhari(156.4)
This is as close as it gets right here as the 2 bowlers avg indicate. Yasar has been great by closing out frames and bowling very steady week in and week out. The opposite can be said for Raza "MR 108" as his avg has been dropping every week.  From week 4-6 it has gone from 165 to a 158. Raza does have big game capability and may have to show it to get a victory. Yasar has to compile some matchup points as they are goin up against a stacked SNS team.
EDGE- Team Snipers but it goes down to the 10th frame.  Raza downhill slide continues as Yasar EEKS out a couple of points against "MR 108".

3rd Bowlers-
Gage AKA Chocolate Thunder(164.0) VS Mufthy Dastgir(175.5)
Wow, this a great matchup with 2 bowlers who are on top of their game.  We got Chocalate Thunder whonow took the honors of PLAYER OF THE WEEK.  Gage is also an emotional catalyst for Team Snipers as he wears his emotions on his sleeve and tires to build momentum by being the most vocal on his team. Then we got the opposite of "Mr 108" Mufthy is on a rampage in recent weeks by raising his avg from a 166 to a 175. These 2 have been getting their teams crucial matchup pts as well with Mufthy on top with 12pts and right Behind him is Gage with 11pts.
EDGE- Team SnS. Mufthy will frustrate Gage with his relentless prowess on the lanes and this time Gage's emotion will get the best of him.

4th Bowlers-
Guerrier Connor AKA THE TERMINATOR(180.4) VS Jason "J-Wow" Reis(223.9)
Unfortunately Mr Connor is goin up against Jason who recently bowled an astonishing 279 last week and seems to be on a mission. Jason guaranted a championship before the season started and as of now he is on the right path. With that being said Guerrier is no joe shmoe as he is the leading candidate for rookie of the year. I can see him try to keep pace with Jason and hope to will his team to victory.
EDGE- Team Sns. It's hard to go up against one of the elite bowlers in the league,but you can make sure "THE TERMINATOR" will say to JWOW ........I"LL BE BACK !

ROUNDUP- This will be easy as the depth of team Snipers will be exposed. SnS will take advantage of their great leadoff bowlers in this matchup.  Team SnS take 2 out of 3 games.

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