Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Game Recap- Asian Sensation Vs Pin Pals

Game 1- Pin Pals 868 Asian Sensations 780 Pin Pals take game 6-1
Game 2- Pin Pals 793 Asian Sensations 795 Asian Sensations take Game 5-2
Game 3- Pin Pals 829 Asian Sensations 783 Pin Pals take Game 3-4
This match up was hyped up for weeks. Mainly because of the no loss of love between Ayaz and Yash. They have had a long history of smack talking which has stemmed from season 1 over flowing in to the sumnmer league. Unfortunately Yash The Shark has been denied recognition again, because of the poor performance of the Asian Sensations. On the other hand, The Pin Pals took crucial pins by some extraordinary performances by there lead off men when it counted.
In the first game, as predicted before, the game would really be decided upon the lead off men on both sides. The Pin Pals simply spanked the Sensations in that
respect. Sid F. and David DeBlasio bowled amazing with a strong 164 and 163 while Amin and Jin ended up with a 125 and 172. But Asif increased the gap by bowling a 212, against Yash The Shark's pathetic 143. Khaled Ahmedy started off strong with a 191 against Ayaz Dar's measly 156, but the damage was already done. Pin Pals would take the game 6-1.
In the second game, the two teams were neck and neck to the tenth frame anchor position. Despite Ayaz Dar coming back to life with a 207 and Asif having a respectful score of 194.The Pin pals simply fell apart with no help with there lead off man Sid, with a horrible score of 83. The Sensations sprung back with some energy with Jin, Yash, and Ahmad scoring respectfully with a 164, 172, and 184.
The last game, the Pin Pals whole game rested upon the second most clutch player of the league, Daddy Dar! With the first three players scoring under 160, Ayaz made up for it scoring a high series game of 243. Making up for his teams lack luster showing. Amin S. came out of hibernation with a 142, and Jin and Yash scored a 170 and 177 respectfully. The loss of the game was mainly on the head of the Sensation anchor scoring a 145. Not even competing with Ayaz Dars extraordinary perfomance.
Both teams can be great teams, but with only the support of their lead off men. These two teams will be going head to head in the position round. It will be interesting to see if the Sensations will learn from their mistakes. Or see the Pin Pals make crucial moves again when it counts. Either way it will make way for a exciting match up!

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