Friday, November 30, 2012

Asian Sensation vs Pin Smackers Preview

Asian Sensation(#2- 77pts) VS PinSmackers ( #3- 73pts)

PinSmackers are coming off a sub-par performance by gaining 10.5 pts against the Strike King.  Asian Sensation accumulated 19.5 pts from a depleted Force team but both teams are lookin at this as a Statment game.
Lets see how these teams matchup !!!

1st bowlers-
Amin(148.1) vs Adam Elfiky(120.4) & Raheel Nadim(149.2)
This is a very crucial matchup as these 2 teams have great depth with exceptional bowlers on their roster. Adam E. has shown vast improvment even though his avg doesnt reflect it., Adam has bowled well and his 72 handicap makes it hard for an opponnent to catch up especially if he runs off couple of strikes.  Raheel has been a great addition for the Pin Smackers. Raheel improved his avg over 14pts in the past2 weeks , going from a 135 to a whopping 149. Amin avg does not indicate his capabilities as he recently bowled a game high 184 scratch. He has won 11pts in head to head which is good for 2nd in the league.
EDGE- Team Asian Sensation. Ever since Amin purchased his own ball he went from a 134avg to 148avg. Adam simply leaves too many frames open and Raheel will make it close but Amin should come out on top.

2nd Bowlers-
Both of these bowlers have been struggling big time. Khaled who once was a anchor on the Sensations has been in a funk where he's been regulated to the 2nd bowler position. He is still capable of a big game in which he showed by a game high 201. Same goes for Eugene Mr. "DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK". His patented celebration has not been seen lately, but the same goes with his capability of bowling a quality game in which he threw a 201.
EDGE-Team Pin Smackers. Eugene will find his approach and the do his"DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK" on Khaled, who will still be "SILENT"

3rd Bowlers-
Jin "GANGNAM STYLE"(166.6) VS Sony "SNEAKY SNEAKY"(174.0)
Jin has shown incredible improvement after buying a ball of his own by bowling a game high 224. This resulted in him bowling in the #3 poisition. Sony should be tabbed "SLEEPY SLEEPY" apparently this past week the alarm clock did not do its job. Sony showed up late, but bowled great games in games 2 and 3.
EDGE- Team Pin Smackers.  Sony will show why he won the championship in the summer league by coming up clutch as Jin will come up a bit slow by taking last week off.

4th Bowlers-
Yash "SHARK"(176.3) VS Ahbi "MAYOR"(202.9)
Both bowlers cant be more opposite in personality , Yash trash talks all week, and Ahbi looks to improve the opposition bowler approach.  Yash has been clutch by beating "Daddy" Dar 2 out of 3, but Ahbi has the capabilty to carry his team on his shoulders by bowling a game high 245.
EDGE- Team Asian Sensation.  Yash will be on his game to prove all the NAY sayers by beating the "MAYOR" on his home court.

ROUNDUP- This will be one of the best matchups this week. As all 3 games will come down to the 10th frame but Team Pin Smackers. will take 2 out of the 3 matches.

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