Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Strikes n Spares vs Balls n Strikes Post game Recap

SnS: 1 win + 6.5 individual match points + total pins (11.5 points)
Balls 'n Strikes: 2 wins + 5.5 individual match points (11.5 points

This was the game of the week as Balls n Strikes played the number one team in the league Strikes n Spares. This game did not disappoint as it was filled with excitement and drama. The commissioner Jason “J-WoW” was using a different ball today so anything could happen. Every single person who predicts game predicted Strike n Spares to win.  But that is why you play the game.

Game 1 Balls n Strikes came out strong as Wahid came out firing with three strikes in the first three frames. Shumail and Ali did their thing in the first 5 frames as they both hit many strikes n spares. Amaad hit a turkey from frames 3-5 to bring the game close, but this game was over in a hurry. Ammad finished the game with a 168 bowling above his average while Raza bowled a 149 to continue his dry spell of subpar games. Mufthy ended the game with a 194 as he took is point and to continue his dominance lately. Mufthy has been on fire the past couple of weeks, continuing to get better. The real story was Wahid vs Jason as Wahid dominated Jason with a score of 213 to 189. Jason could of make it close it the 10th but hit a spare with only a 6. Balls n Strikes took game 1 and it seemed like it would be a long night for Strikes n Spares.

Game 2 it was Shumail aka the Mailman’s turn to take control as he bowled 6 strikes in his first 7 frames. He would finish with an amazing 233. Alisher bowled well with a 159 and Ali’s 131 really put the pressure on Strikes n Spares. Mufthy and Jason again took control for Strikes n Spares as they finished with a 213 and 212. Jason being down in the 10th frame needed three strikes in a row to tie Wahid for the point. Being the MVP that Jason is he got the job done to split the point. Wahid finished with a 179 another amazing game giving Jason all he can handle. Raza and Amaad finished with a 148 and 153.

Game 3 there was a change that may have changed the entire landscape of the whole season. Balls n Strikes benched Wahid for unknown reasons. Strikes n Spares would take advantage as they took the necessary points to comeback and tie the series of 11.5-11.5. Real story of this matchup was the dominance of Jason Reis who bowled a 279. He bowled all strikes except the 5th frame which he got a 10pin spare.  Raza finished with a 163 Mufthy a 187, and Amaad a 135. But Jason took control of this game and this series bowling a 680 for the series.  Abdul who replaced Wahid bowled a low of 89 which really hurt his team.  Hakim a 124, Alisher a 140, wasn’t enough. Shumail bowled a 170 but this was a collapse as their leader Wahid was benched. 


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