Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Game Recap- Strikes and Spares vs Pin Smackers

Game 1- Strikes and Spares 858 Pin Smackers 758  Strikes and Spares takes game 6-1
Game 2- Strikes and Spares 808 Pin Smackers 795  Strikes and Spares takes Game 7-0
Game 3- Strikes and Spares 864 Pin Smackers 759  Strikes and Spares takes Game 6-1

Game 1: Score: SnS 6 points (team and 3 individual points) vs Pin Smackers 1 (individual point)
The question of the matchup was who will climb up to take the 1st place. Strikes n Spares was playing Pin Smackers, where either team could take first place. There was only a difference of 1.5 points in the standings. Amaad & Jason  were consistent to take the victory on Pin Smackers' subpar performances by 3 players lacking support for Abhi. Eugene bowling a 152, and Sony's 144 just wasn't enough to get the job done.  Jason led game 1 bowling a 219, showing that SnS is the team to beat and can finish you off in the match.

Game 2: Score: SnS 7 points (team and 4 individual points) to Pin Smackers (0 point)
As Game 2 sets on, Naeem came in for Strikes and Spares  to replace Amaad. The game was back and forth having the teams staying within 30 pins throughout the game until the 10th frame. Pin Smackers were leading by 30 pins going into the last 2 frames, hoping to get a victory after Game 1.  All the hopes for Pin Smackers to get a win with 30 pins lead has vanished. In the 10th grame Jason being the anchor only needed a strike to win the matchup. As usual Jason got it done, as he bowled a Strike which enabled Strikes to Spares to take all 7 points.  The first 3 bowlers for Pin Smackers failed to bowl a strike or spare in the 10th frame which helped  Strikes and Spares in getting the sweep.  

Game 3: Score: SnS (team and 3 ndividual points) to Pin Smackers 1 (individual point)
After losing 2  games by SnS's stealth performances, what is left for Pin Smackers? Bringing back Ammad & Mufty in Game 3, Strikes and Spares were ready to close the game out with another potential sweep. These 3 matches were not an easy road for the Pin Smackers as the support wasn't strong enough, due to the first 3 bowlers bowling way below their averages. SnS led with strikes and spares continuously in 1st 4 frames, including Raza's turkey in the 1st 3 frames which then closed out with a 201 and Jason's 200. SNS won this game by over 100 pins as this game was never in reach for the Pin Smackers. SnS came with a victory of the match and 3 points. Pin Smackers fought very hard to avoid a 7 point lost as Abhi beat Jason by 2 pins to take the only one in Game 3 for the Pin Smackers.

Depsite Jason's number one leading average, the support has been incredible by Mufthy, Raza, Amaad, and Naeem's steller performances. SNS will be a tough team to beat with tehir stack roster, and their capability of any every bowler bowling over a 200. Having Jason showing up proves what SNS can do, and has shown no mercy for getting victories. SNS will be favored to beat Pin Smackers next week as they face eachother in the position round. The Pin Smackers need a lot of support to make up for todays losses if they want to stay in top 2 in the league.


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