Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top 10 Player Power Rankings Begins!

In anticipation of the start of the fall season, SABowl will be doing a power rankings (in reverse order) of the league's 10 best bowlers.  The rankings will be spread out over the next few days, to allow (possible) commentary.  Anyone who bowled in summer or last fall that is bowling this season was eligible for the top 10.  Email bowling@southasiansports if you want to post comments agreeing/disagreeing with a particular ranking.

Note that these rankings are not meant to disparage anyone and are supposed to be fun.  Also note that a preference was placed on bowlers who bowled last fall since the season was longer.

Without further ado:

10.  Gage Nestor aka Chocolate Thunder

Gage came on in the summer for the Four Horsemen and averaged 170.4 pins for the season.   His high was a 235, and his high series was 595.  Gage thrived as the team's lead-off bowler, welcoming the challenge of going first and setting the tone for the team.  In addition, Gage welcomed the challenge of facing the opposition's highest handicap players.  Gage would enter a game down 40-50 pins, and got the job done nearly every match.

Where Gage really shined was in the playoffs.  Ask anyone on the Four Horsemen, and they will say Gage was the MVP of their playoff run, and with good reason.  Gage was the team's most consistent bowler - bowling no game under 190, while striking out in the 10th frame in 2 different games.  Talk about bringing your A game on the grandest stage.

Gage throws a good hook with some power to it.  When he's on, he can really strike with the best of them.  When he's on fire, expect the 'flex pose' just after he throws the ball; which means you are big trouble.  The only knock on his game is that he can lose some focus if he misses a few spares, but he has improved on that as the summer season went on.  Expect Gage to be higher on this list as the season progresses.

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