Thursday, September 27, 2012

Player Power Rankings - #9

Bowler #9: Eugene Lampone aka Steve Novak

What?  You didn't actually forget about Eugene from season 1 did you?  Eugene was the Pin Smackers smooth bowling lefty, who paired with Abhi to form one of the best 1-2 punches in the league.  Eugene came in and averaged 168.8 pins in the winter, which was 7th best overall.  What makes Eugene top-10 worthy was his consistency; he never let up after a good game, he just kept them coming.  He easily matched up with any team's #2 bowler.

Like many others on this list, Eugene shined in the playoffs, kicking up his game and scoring consistently over 185.  When Eugene gets going, expect to see the championship belt pose (a la Aaron Rogers and Steve Novak).  But besides the one gesture, expect nothing else.  Eugene is one of the quieter bowlers in the league.

Besides being one of the most experienced bowlers in the league, Eugene holds another advantage over most of the league.  As a natural lefty, who shoots as a lefty should, his lane conditions will be more consistent than any righty bowler.  The oil on left side will wear down much slower, since he's the only one shooting on that side of the lane.  This means once he finds his spot, he's going to be locked in for most of the match.

Eugene's a finesse bowler.  While he avoids splits, he doesn't strike too often either.  That could be the one 'downside' of his game.  However, he also converts his spares at a higher percentage than basically anyone in the league.  So his lower strike total is essentially negated.  With better competition coming in this season, expect Eugene to take his game to another level.  Get ready for a ton more belt poses this season.

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  1. Wow Prince this is awesome. Good job. I hope I don't disappoint this year. It's really fun bowling with you guys.