Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 6 Recap

Week 6 saw a lot of intense action as the league had its first position around. Every series was close and had a lot of great games:

Strike Kings vs. Asian Sensation:

This was probably the tightest match-up of the day as the balanced attack of the Asian Sensation was able to hang with the 2 headed-monster on the Strike Kings of Jason and Don. Asian Sensation was able to pull a very close win in game 1 with a score of 707-702. However, Jason and Don stepped up more (if that's even possible) and ensured the Strike Kings would get the other 2 games.

Strike Kings won game 2 842-802, and game 3 806- 785. Jason bowled games of 200, 235, and 255; while Don bowled games of 175, 239, and 193. Statement game in the loss for Asian Sensation though; as they are showing they have a very balanced team and can definitely hang with the top teams in the league. Not to mention the vast improved bowling of Jin and Yash: Jin rolled games of 138, 178, and 154; while Yash continued his great run with scores of 159, 153, and 195.

Pin Pals vs. Pin Smackers

In the battle of the 2 top teams in the league, Pin Pals once again showed that they are for real. Everyone might view Ayaz as the biggest talker in the league, but make sure you also notice that after a bad game 1, he bowled a 214 in game 2 and a 161 in game 3. Asif did even better after his bad game 1, with scores of 196 and 217 respectively. They might talk, but they're backing it up.

Pin Smackers were easily able to win game 1 714-616, but once Ayaz and Asif got going, they proved to be too much for Adam and his crew. Pin Pals won game 2 850-745, and game 3 770-702. Eugene bowled exceptionally well, with games of 145, 201, and 150. Sony had a career series high of 436, and Abhi continued his excellent play with games of 181, 167, and 192. However, if the Pin Smackers want to consistently beat the top teams, Abhi has to go back to dominating the league, and get continued support from Sony, Adam, and others.

Force vs. Strike 'n' Spares:

The 5 vs. 6 match had a ton of excitement as well as 2 of the 3 games were extremely close. Nadeem's crew was able to pull out game 1 late with spares from Mufthy and Nadeem in the 10th frame, winning 703-683. Force won game 2 in the closest game in league history - 1 pin! Alan converted a much needed spare in the 10th frame to give Force a 670-669 victory.

Game 3 saw Mufthy step up and take over the game with a career high of 243 as he demoralized Force and carried his team to a 704-631 victory. To go along with his 243, Mufthy also bowled games of 154 and 159. Nadeem chipped in with scores of 155, 128, and 145. Meanwhile for Force, Prince quieted bowled another solid series with games of 153, 155, and 170. Bobby also contributed with a 420 series and a score of 167 in game 1.

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