Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Power Rankings - Week 6

Power Rankings after 6 weeks of play:

1. Pin Pals (49 points) - Ayaz has been calling out almost everyone in the league, but he and his team are backing up all their talk. As a team, they've bowled the highest single game (892), have 2 of the top 5 bowlers in the league (Asif #4 and Ayaz #5), and have another bowler just outside the top 10 (Riz #12). So not only is this team carried by 2 star bowlers, they get solid contribution from the rest of the team as well. Chris and Dave have also both had great games this season and have picked up the slack during the few off moments of Ayaz or Asif. If this team continues to go at its current pace, they will be the favorites to win the title.

2. Strike Kings (44 points) - They're built similar to the Pin Pals in that they have 2 of the top 5 bowlers in the league. Jason is currently the top bowler in the league and Don is #3 and closing in on the #2 spot. Combined they are the best 1-2 punch in the league and it's not even close. Their problem? They don't have the depth the Pin Pals have. The team's next best bowler is Ammad, who is an average bowler at best right now. The inconsistencies of the rest of the team will continue to be questioned going forward. That being said, if they get another bowler to score over 150, as long as the rest of the team does it part, Strike Kings should almost never lose.

3. Asian Sensation (30 points) - Controversial call at #3 but they get the nod since they are the hotter team right now, and their team scores last week of 707, 804, and 785 would have won them at least 2 out of 3 games (with total pins) against every other team in the league. After the first power rankings, I called out someone on this team to step up and help Khaled. Well Khaled owes me as both Jin and Yash have stepped up big time. For all the talking Yash has done, he's quickly moving up the rankings as he's now near the top 10. Meanwhile, Jin has cracked the top 10 with a near 150 average. This team definitely has depth, and has shown great improvement since week 1. Their depth allows them to be inconsistent, but without at least one team member to consistently bowl well, they will have a tough time closing out games the top teams. This could be moot though if the team continues to roll 800 team series.

4. Pin Smackers (39 points) - Abhi took the league by storm, and while he's still a top bowler, he's not destroying the league as he was at the beginning. This isn't good news for the Pin Smackers as they don't have the depth of any of the 3 teams above them. Sony and Adam have been relatively consistent, and have shown improvement, but aren't the #2 type bowlers to back up their team's ace. The team's success lies in its attendance; with Eugene or Harp there, they can beat anyone, but if they're missing, they'll likely fall just short as they did this past Sunday. It will be interesting to see who steps up going forward, as no clear bowler has truly stepped up yet.

5. Strikes 'n' Spares (19 points) - I'm pretty sure that no one expected this team to see a number besides 6 when it came to their power rankings when the season started. That being said, this team has quietly bowled some 700+ games. Mufthy Dastigir also got himself noticed this past Sunday bowling a 243, and entering himself in the top 10 bowlers (#7). The big problem is no one else besides him and Nadeem have shown to be consistent bowlers. After Nadeem the drop-0ff is quite noticeable and that will have to change fast. Nadeem's crew is going to be tested in the next few weeks as they'll face some of the league's best bowlers. They need to have a good showing the next few weeks if they want to have a legit shot of being a feared playoff team.

6. Force (16 points) - What is going on with Force? After great (but losing) showings against Strike Kings and Pin Pals, they haven't taken advantage of their easier schedule. They were expected to avenge their loss to Strikes 'n' Spares this past Sunday but instead needed every single pin possible to get their one win. The team definitely has talent: Alan, Bobby, Prince, and Shumail have all rolled games above 180 this season. Attendance and consistent play have been the downfall of this team. If Force's big 4 all bowl as they're capable of, they can beat any team - but that has yet to happen. Prince, for the most part, has done his part, but hasn't gotten too much help outside of Bobby. This team may look great on paper, but needs to start getting wins fast and everyone on the same page if they want to be any threat in the playoffs.

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