Monday, March 4, 2013

Playoffs Hot Pins

Asian Sensation
Yash the shark came through in the clutch as Asian Sensation defeated Force to go to the next round. Unfortunely for the Sensation they will be bowling against four bowlers not three.

Balls n Strikes
Wahidddddddd,Hakimmmmmmmmm,Alisherrrrrrr,Shumaillllllll. The team that everyone fears knocked out a tough Strike Kings Team to advance to play Pin Pals. Wahiddddddddd CANNOT let daddy dar get into his head if Balls n Strikes wants to advance to the finals.

Strike Kings
After a long and tough season Strike Kings are knocked out of the Playoffs. This is the 3rd straight year that they have not made the finals. Ammad has to look into changing his team if he wants to take a step furthur.

Strikes n Spares
They wanted Asian Sensation well now they got them. Raza vs Amin, Yash vs Jason, can you say excitement. This had the making of a great match. All eyes will be on Jason and Yash to see who blinks and chokes first.

Pin Pals
The defending champions have their work cut out for them as they are playing Balls n Strikes. We will see if they can be the 1st repeat champions and if Ayaz can win his 3rd consecutive ring. It's all about Dave and Chris, so no pressure guys because you are the x factors.

The clock has struck midnight on this cinderella team as Riz once again has let his team down. I guess partying is more important than showing up on time for a playoff game. Could this be the end of Riz in SA Bowl? Could this be the end of team Force?  Or does Prince have a ace up his sleeve to keep the team alive for the fall season?

Pin Smackers
Pin Smackers were at Pebble Beach this weekend as Ahbi hit 4 golf balls into the water. This is not his year as he can not beat himself him golf.


Rumor has it, Snipers are close to landing a big name in the offseason. No Lebron James is not taking his talents to east meadow bowling lanes.

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