Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Power Rankings - Week 3

Our ghost writer has come in with the power rankings:

1. Strike Kings (30 points) - Easy call at #1 right now, they have gone undefeated in the first 3 weeks series wise. They've been taking care of business from the get go. They took care of business week 1 against Bowl Sonihal without there anchor Mufthy Dastgir, and took out Mean Machine easily in week 2. In week 3 after the cruised to a victory in game 1 , they got a scare from Asian Sensation in game 2,but easily defeated them the next game. They have the top bowler in the league Don Ali (205) and arguably one of the best anchors in the league Mufthy Dastgir. The supporting cast for this team Raza Dastgir and Nisar Ahmed is what makes this team hard to beat. Raza is capable of 185+ games at any given week. and Nisar has already mixed in some big games as well. If this team continues to go at its current pace, they will be the favorites to win the title.

2. Four Horsemen (20 points) - With 3 of the top 10 bowlers (Abhi, Ayaz, and Prince) from the league last year coming together has some people calling them a Dynasty. That being said, they have dropped a series to Asian Sensation in week 2. Last week after winning the first 2 games against Bowl Sonihal they lost the 3rd game by 200+ pins which cost them not only 3 points for a loss buy another 2 for total pins. Their handicap is by far is smallest in the league, which can come back to hurt them. However, with Sony, Gage, and Alan, this team is really deep. By the numbers this team is going to be a team no one will want to mess with in the playoffs but they will have to bring there A game week after week because everyone's will be gunning for them as the team to beat to make a statement.

3. Mean Machine (14 points) - Controversial call at #3 currently but they won the head to head match up against Asian Sensation week 1. They have 2 of the top 3 bowlers in the league Jason (186) and Justin Reis (187) . Their depth after the top 2 will be questioned. Kenny, Sid and Shazad will have to give solid contributions all season for this team to make the playoffs. It's to early to tell were this team will be in the standings by the end of the season. They're talented, but will they have enough to compete against all the top teams?

4. Asian Sensation (14 points ) - Were do we begin with this team? Whether or not Asian Sensation is doing well or not, you will definitely know it. One of the more animated teams in the league they have arguably 2 of the biggest trash talkers (after Ayaz of course) in Amin and Yash. For all the talking Yash has done, he's quickly moved up the rankings by his career high game and series week 3 by bowling a 234 high game and a 597 high series but it wasn't enough to get his team a series win. They are the only team so far to take down the Four Horseman. However they have dropped there other 2 series to Mean Machine and Strike Kings . This team definitely has depth, and has shown great improvement since last season. They must consistently bowl well as a team in order for them to make a deep run and close out games against the top teams.

5. The Other Guys (11 points) - What is going on with this team? After getting swept in week 1 by the Four Horsemen they bounced back week 2 with a victory over Bowlsonihal. But the surprise came week 3 when they lost to Mean Machine who were without their best bowler Jason Reis. This team definitely has talent and probably has the biggest advantage in the league with the current handicap in place. Eddie leads the way with his 178 average and is easily capable of keeping up with the anchor of any team. His high game of 224 speaks for itself. This team gets scary with the additions of Gladson, Stanley, and Ben who all Avg around 150. With their current averages based on 150 they get a handicap of 40 pins each. This is big because every bowler on this team is capable of big games (as evidenced by Stanley's 171, Gladson's 188, and Ben's 198). Add 40 pins to those scores and you have easy victories. This team is 5th in the rankings but they can easily change that as we are only 3 weeks in.

6. Bowlsonihal (10 points) - This team has yet to win a series, but shows promise. After getting swept week 1 against the Strike Kings, week 2 this team lost 2 games to The Other Guys but game 3 is were this team showed that they can play. Not only did they win game 3 but they won it by enough pins to take total pins away from there opponent . Which earned them 5 points. Week 3 seemed like a replica of week 2 but against the Four Horseman. After losing the first two games, Satbir who leads the team with a 162 average, came out firing on all cyclinders. He bowled his best game of the season (221) and had solid contributions from his team captain Harpreet and company . Bowl Sonihal won game 3 by 200 pins and yet again won total pins and walked away with 5 points. So this team has shown they can put on a performance but the question will be can they do it for more then one game a week .

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