Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 2 Hot Pins

1. So Don Ali quits the league and Strike Kings brings in a better bowler? Makes you wonder if this was part of the plan.
2. If Jason=Superman then Prince=Kryptonite. Prince beat the 2 time MVP all 3 games.
3. Is there a better 1, 2 combination then Justin and Jason? 2 weeks in a row bowling at least 5 strikes in the 10th frame.
4. Really Pat? After getting player of the week Pat goes back to normal averaging a 111. Can we say the new madden curse for bowling?
5. Finally a week where Yash talked trash and backed it up. Bowled a 213, a 226, and uhhhhhh 168? hmmmmmmmmm
6. How many gutter balls will be thrown this season? It seems like every other frame some one throws the ball in the gutter
7. After getting suspended, Ayaz bowled 0 strikes in game 3. What's up with that?
8. Drama in week 2? Oh you know it!!!
9. Is it me or is this league turning a little more whiter every week?
10. You have to love when people throw 2 good games n then bowl one awful game the week before handicap is established. Hmmmmmmmmm


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