Friday, June 7, 2013

Strike Kings vs Black and Tan (Snipers) Recap Week 1 6/6/13

In this match-up a re-tool Strike Kings team featuring Raza, Mufthy,
and newcomer Alan, faced Black and Tan, a team that has 2 players from
the Snipers (Pat and Gage), a player from Force (Prince) and a
newcomer (Brian)

Game 1 showed rust for the Strike Kings.  With a lineup of Nisar,
Raza, Mufthy, and Don, Raza was the high score for the team with a
160.  A number of splits occurred, which is going to happen with rust,
but some small pin spare conversions were missed stopping the Strike
Kings from having some big games.  Meanwhile, Black and Tan got off to
a great start.  Pat's game showed improvement with a 136, Gage bowled
his usual 171, and Prince had the game of the night, starting the
summer season with a 255.  Black and Tan took all 7 points in game 1,
with a scratch team score of 682-565.

Strike Kings re-grouped in game 2 and brought in Ammad and Alan for
Mufthy and Don, and their results were mixed.  Raza again led the team
with a 160, but was 2 missed spares away from a 190 game.  For Black
and Tan, Prince came back down to earth with a 177, but Pat once again
picked up the slack bowling a new career high of 154.  While Strike
Kings won scratch, because of the handicap, BnT took game 2 as well
6-1, with Ammad scoring a point for the Strike Kings.

In game 3, Strike Kings got the rust off as Alan led the team with a
179.  Raza had a 177, and Ammad had a 172.  For BnT, Gage bowled a
180, but missed his spare in the 10th, giving Ammad his 2nd win of the
night (by 1 pin in this game).  Meanwhile, Pat topped his game 2
performance with a new career high of 158, proving that his hard work
was going to pay off.  BnT wins game 3 5-2, with Ammad and Alan taking
points for the Strike Kings.

Final score: Black and Tan 20, Strike Kings 3

Brian and Pat were big contributors as they both scored 3 points for
the Black and Tan.  Prince's huge game 1 being a clear aberration,
still was in mid-season form and got 2 points.  Gage may have only
scored 1 point, but 2 of his 3 games were 170+.  BnT could be a team
to watch out for if Pat keeps playing well, and Gage and Prince keep
carrying the team until SABowl vets Alan Tang (Force) and Guerrier
Connor (Snipers) return to action.

For the Strike Kings, Alan said he hadn't bowled in 2 years, yet by
the end of game 3, was throwing strikes with ease and power.  Also, as
a lefty, he won't have to worry about oil-conditions changing too
much.  Ammad looks like he hasn't lost it from last season either,
putting up a 172, and taking 2 points from Gage.  Once Nisar gets
going, and the rest of the roster is set, the Strike Kings will be
their usual dangerous team.

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