Sunday, June 16, 2013

Black and Tan vs Mean Machine Recap

Week 2 saw the league's top 2 teams from week 1 match-up as Black and Tan took on the Mean Machine. BnT used an interesting strategy lining up Pat against one of the league's best in Justin Reis, and the plan totally backfired.  Justin bowled a 232 game 1, the highest game for anyone in this series.  Ryan made his SABowl debut in the leadoff spot and rolled a 139 game 1.  Both Ryan and Justin won points.  Gage matched up with Kenny and was able to beat him with a score of 153.  In the anchor position, the 2 commish's battled as Reis and Prince had a good 1 on 1 match going, with Prince winning 203 to 197.  Team wise, Mean Machine wins game 1 830-815, taking 5 points.

Game 2 BnT bowled about the same.  Brian (120), Gage (153), and Prince (201) all won points for the team, meanwhile only Justin (197) was able to score a point for the Mean Machine.  Jason (216) and Justin made it really close late, as both of them had 3 strikes in the 10th frame, but it wasn't enough.  BnT squeak out a really close game 2, 808 to 802, taking 6 points.

Game 3 Mean Machine bowled much better as a team.  Justin had his lowest game of the series (170), but the rest of the team picked him up as Ryan bowled a his high of 157, and Kenny bowled his high of the night with a 172.  Justin, Kenny, and Ryan all won points in this game.  Jason once again broke 200 with a 204, but Prince kept it close enough, using the handicap to win despite a score of 192.  Despite bragging rights against Jason being the first bowler to sweep him, BnT only got 1 point, and lost 836-812, with Mean Machine taking 6 points.

With the total pins, Mean Machine took 14 points, while BnT took 9.

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