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Mean Machine vs Strike Kings 6/27/13

Mean Machine vs Strike Kings
What is up with the Mean Machine lately? No one expected this team to be in first place, and they are rolling over every team. They are playing Strike Kings who on paper is one of the most dangerous teams in the league. This matchup includes the best bowler in the league Jason vs the ringer Avi. Everyone in the league was saying how Avi is the closest thing to Jason and is the only bowler who can keep pace with him.  9.9/10 times Jason is up for the challenge and usually will come out on top. We will see how it played out.

Game 1- Strike Kings 5-2 851-810

Game 1 was a nail bitter as the lead went back and forth and was not over till the end. Justin and Jason did their thing bowling a 203 and 212 while Ammad bowled a 192 which helped Strike Kings take the victory. Jason had a slim chance in the 10th frame but threw a split which sealed the fate for the Mean Machine. He did take game one against Avi, and he was only getting warmed up. Mean Machine are going to need help from their Chris and Kenny who only bowled a 142 and 130. Avi finished with 198 while Alan had a great game with a 194.

Game 2 Mean Machine 6-1 886-862

What happens when you make Jason mad? This is what happens. Jason throws the front 6 strikes bowling an amazing 274 which is the season high for the summer season. He completely demoralized Strike Kings and Avi who only bowled a 179. Jason would throw 2 strikes in the 10th frame to redeem himself to seal the victory. Justin beat Raza again bowling a 209 to Raza’s 179. The big story was the supporting cast for both teams. Kenny came back and bowled a 163 while Ammad bowled a whopping 210. Ammad would be on pace for his first ever 500 series.  Without Kenny’s 163 it would of easily have been a Mean Machine lost.

Game 3- Mean Machine 6-1 886-784

How can you follow up a 274 you may ask? Jason again threw the front  6 in a row finishing with a 268. Justin and Kenny both took their points bowling a 198 and 156. Today was not Avi’s day as he finished with a 159 throwing the ball in the gutter in the 10th frame in disgust. Mean Machine wow easily by 100 pins showing that this team is for real and a true contender for the championship. Ammad bowled a 171 ending with a career high series of 571. The last frame was very interesting has Justin missed his spare which looked like he would lose his point. Shockingly Raza missed his spare too falling just short to Justin for the point.

Mean Machine 16- Strike Kings 7

When Jason bowls like this there is no stopping this team. He may be the best bowler but without the supporting cast today of Justin, Chris and Kenny, the mean machine would not have won the match. Even Lebron James needs help sometimes. Jason finished with a career best 27 strikes thrown in 3 games throwing a 754 series. He quickly quitted the critics saying can keep pace with him. Justin and Jason have become the best one two punch in SA Bowl history. These brothers only have championship on their mind, and as of now it looks like they are in prime position.

If I were to tell you Ammad bowled a career series you would think Strike Kings would have won the match easily. Well that’s why we bowl. The real story was Avi who was the ringer in the league getting crushed by Jason by over 200 pins and taking 0 points.  He showed everyone that when he can’t control his emotions he will bowl very poorly as he did today. Strike Kings is still in last place and needs to pick up ground quickly if they want a chance to make the playoffs.

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