Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 1 Previews


   We’re BAAAAaaaccKK! It’s that time of year again, where it’s actually okay to wear shorts and bowling shoes together. Cough, cough Reis. The weather is heating up and it’s a sure thing the East Meadow Lanes will be as well. It’s been a long hiatus since the fall season and we all miss Don Ali’s opened armed strikes, Amin’s UFC Roar, Reis’s no look strike, Ahbi advising everyone except himself, and yes even Raza’s complaining. This Thursday marks the opening of a grueling summer season, where everybody has improved and there is no clear favorite.

Pins Go Down vs. The Dude

Well, what can I say about this match up so early in the season. Pins Go Down, Ahbi do you have full team??? Ahbi aka Mr. 300, can surely hold his own, but who’s on your team. So far two unknowns on his roster but I’m sure he’s got something planned. The Dudes on the other hand have a plethora of talent, big names such as Khaled Ahmedy, Amin Sadiqi, much improved David Deblasio, and everyone's favorite Alisher. Right now, going only by preparedness, I’d give it to The Dudes.

Strike Kings vs. Snipers

These two teams have no shortage of SA Bowl heavy hitters. The Strike Kings have Don Ali, Mufthy Dastigir, and a little birdie has told me, Alan Dworetsky is a ringer that can go toe to toe with Reis himself. Does it really matter who their fourth man will be??? The Snipers have shifted and made some critical changes to make them a likely contender. Along with Guerrier and Gage, Prince has finally come to his senses and joined a team that will actually show to matches. I’ve personally seen Guerrier play in the Tuesday night league, he’s a dangerous individual. This ones a tough call, but I give it to the Snipers.

Mean Machine vs. The Lane Warriors

Fireworks will fly with these two very talented teams. Mean Machine returns with Jason Reis at the helm and his better counterpart Justin to deliver a one, two punch. With experienced players like Sid Farooqi and Shazad, don’t underestimate these high handicapped players. A little birdie has told me Reis is about to make history, well have to see what that actually is.  Then comes a team that people thought would never happen, The Lane Warriors. After three hard years of smack talk between these two players, Ayaz and Yash have set aside their differences. Along with the return of Adam Chaimowitz, Eugene Lampione, and the ever so consistent Shumail Haque. This match up will be decided mainly upon the teams weakest links. The Lane Warriors take it.




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