Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Dudes vs Pins Go Down Week 1 Post game 6/6/13

The Dudes vs Pins Go Down!

The Matchup with all the variables came down to Pins Go Down led by Abhi Kumar vs The Dudes let my Amin Sadiqi. Wahid showed up unexpectedly to this game showing that The Dudes mean business. In the first week it is also important to jump out of the gate, so we will see what happened.

Game 1: Score: 799- 736 Victory the dudes; Points 5 - 2, The dudes.

The dudes has Wahid and Alisher led with hot game of 193 and a 151 to take the individual points and win the game without the mayor in game 1. To avoid a full loss of game 1, Abbas and Jeff got individual points. Wahid showed in this game that there was no rust coming off his championship win the previous season. Abhi being the mayor didn't bowl in this game and probably could of won the game if he had bowled. I guess we will never bowl.

Game 2: Score: 824 - 795 Victory Pins Go Down! ; Points 5 - 2, Pins Go Down

Mayor Abhi  came in to shake off that game 1 loss bowling his usually 215. Wahid showing no fear beat the mayor straight up by bowling a 217. Jeff and Abbas took their respective points bowling a 160 and 158 scratch. Dave bowled a 129 which he knows he is capable of doing better than that. Dave has to bowl a better game down the road if The Dudes  want a chance to win more games.

Game 3: Score: 920-821 The Dudes; Points 6 - 1, The Dudes.

Both teams relatively tied after 2 games and one team will outlast the others in which the dudes claimed getting 6 points vs Pins Go Down. The mayor got his revenge by beating Wahid 226 to 166 taking the only point for Pins Go Down. Right on cue Dave bowled a 225 scratch winning his point and sealing the deal for The Dudes victory. Alisher also contributed with his high of this early season with a 197.

The Dudes 15  Pins Go Down 8.    Pins Go Down took total pins 2514 to 2381

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