Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 1 Hot Pins

1. Jason averaged a whopping 228 in the first week of the season. Is it possible he will become the first ever back to back triple crown winner?
2. Is Prince on steroids? He bowled a 255 in game one. O wait, no he is not. He finished with a 151 in game 3. Womp Womp
3. Hey Justin, maybe you should stop talking about basketball and worry about bowling. Ayaz destroyed you and took 2 games from you. Good job, good effort
4. Ayaz really? Are you really going to say your team stinks? Good coaching brah
5. Hey Strike Kings? I mean Strike Queens? Maybe you guys should worry about bowling and not worry about fighting with each other.
6. Patrick has to be cheating I mean how did he get better.  This has to be all luck right? I've heard crazy things, but the craziest thing I've heard is that if you practice you will be better.
7. We get it Abhi. You are the mayor and have put a team that no one wants to face. Do you want a cookie or a pineapple?
8. O hey Wahid, Shumail, Mufthy. Don't you just love bowlers who say they are part time but show up to week one.
9. Wait there was drama in week one? One word describes that. Shocker

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