Monday, June 24, 2013

Black and Tan vs Lane Warriors Recap

Lane Warriors - 18 points (2 games + 10 individual match points + total pins)
Black and Tan - 5 points (1 game + 2 individual points)

When Ayaz "I don't know what humble means" is the top bowler of the night, everyone in the alley is going to hear it.  But for once, he backed up his talk with 3 incredible games.  Game 1 featured Ayaz bowling the league high of 256, while also getting big games from Adam (182) and Yash (181).  For BnT, only Gage showed up game 1, bowling a 210, but lost since he was the one playing Ayaz.  Brian also bowled well, with his SABowl high of 144, but was stuck against Adam and lost as well.  Lane Warriors take all 7 in game 1.

In game 2, BnT got the rare 4-3 win.  Ayaz bowled a 227, but was matched exactly by Prince who also bowled a 227.  Shumail bowled well with a 182, but the other members of the Warriors cooled off.  Gage didn't bowl as well as game 1, but his 167 was vital,  With the handicap, BnT gets the win and Prince gets a point.

Game 3 was more of the same.  Ayaz bowled another 200 plus game, finishing with a 212, giving him a league high 695 series.  Yash added a 194.  BnT kept it close but Prince had a big split in the 10th ensuring another Lane Warriors win, getting 6 points in total.  Patrick scored a point and prevented a shutout for BnT.

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